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Shades of Grey : WoW RP + Lore.  I got linked to it through the comments on and I started off with Shade’s article on Garrosh.  Awesome stuff.  Chances are you’re as nerdy about your WoW as I am and would kill for any real work on the lore of the characters that surround us… well, at least … I mean, if you’re blogging and reading blogs about the game, you probably are as nerdy, that’s what I mean!  In any case, I ❤ this blog right now.

I’m also facing sleep deprivation as I picked up yet another Warcraft book, this one about the Burning Blade (probably the most awful one from a literary point of view, but who cares, it’s about Thrall and Jaina!), and a fail raid from that weekly ToC25 I organize.  Only got to FC and had to call it because of repeated and painful wipes.  Considering applying to a real raiding guild more and more.  Anyhow, just a head’s up to link you that blog.  Enjoy!


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  1. 1 Kelsey November 25, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    Goodness no. I am nowhere near as nerdy as you are about WoW, and would never care to read a story about where a character is from … or write one myself. (Lol. Ok, you caught me.)

    It is a really interesting blog. I kind of miss RPing sometimes. I lie when I say I don’t do it in WoW (privately and very rarely, but I do it. Nothing like Achaea, though), and it’d be fun to have a way to immerse myself in something like that again, but RP servers haven’t really given me anything more than the worst of WoW and Achaea put together, that I’ve seen. I just need to be patient, maybe.

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