Where would we be without loot?  Phat loot, to be precise.  Nowhere, probably playing single player games like we used to back in my day.  Duck Hunt was no joke, and getting that Nintendo running was a technical feat in itself!  But that isn’t really what’s at stake in this post, despite the lengths at which I could glorify my old NES.

This post is to examine in a little bit more detail as to why and when players decide they want loot that goes beyond this post back in August, “Phat Lewt, a Latus Rant“.  For those at work who might be seeing this on a reader while having wordpress blocked (huzzah, that was like me when I had an office job!), the essence behind it is that an overgeared group takes a new player with them for a few weeks and lets them gear up.  Then, when an upgrade finally drops somewhere for one of the group members, this new player needs it despite having gotten free gear everywhere else (essentially being carried) up until this very moment.  There was nothing inherently wrong, no abuse of game mechanics, and people will argue both ways… but to me at the time it seemed like a really poor thing to do.  Nonetheless, a similar, albeit less insulting, event happened in VoA last night.  First, allow me to tell it.

*** in no way am I angry or upset at this player in particular, this just made me think so I’d like to write about it ***

We run a guild + friends VoA 25.  There are 4 Warlocks in the group along with a Holy Priest.  No other clothies.  I remark to each Warlock in private that I do not need any of the PVE gear and will gladly pass on it as long as they give me consideration for PVP gear if they do not need it themselves.  General happiness ensues as one less Warlock rolling on their tier gear!  As you would have it, the Warlock Relentess Gladiator gloves drop along with the Relentless bracers.  I squeal, since I have 34,000 pvp kills and actively participate in the arena (a fail-worthy endeavour, but I hover around my miserable 1200 rating).  A quick glance at all the other clothies reveal that one Warlock has 9,000 pvp kills, one has about 150, and one has 680.  The Priest has around 1000.  None of them have arena teams.  As per the casual agreement before we started, I expected to see one or two Warlocks say they pass on the gloves.

I bet you know exactly what happened, or else there wouldn’t be a blog post…  Yep, 4 Warlocks roll.  The one who wins them has 680 pvp kills and no pvp gear to speak of.  I instantly offer to buy them off him, he whispers “let’s talk after.”  Ok, I like this Warlock.  I’ve helped him out on a lot of occasions, I’ve gone on a few 10 and 25 mans with him in the group where I automatically passed gear to him if it dropped, I’ve advised him on gear upgrades and I’ve researched specific aspects of his gearing choices to recommend the best options.  I really mean I like him, not being sarcastic.  Then I roll high 70s on the bracers to be beaten by the Warlock with 9,000 kills.  I offer to buy them too.  No response except that I notice they’ve been equipped instantly.  This 2nd warlock, I don’t hold out any hope because it’s not a guildy nor a friend, just a totally random pug.  Bye bye bracers.

Conqueror’s gear drops on Emalon, which I pass and all the Warlocks roll on it of course.  I then whisper the Warlock in question about the gloves, and simply state (I’m quoting loosely but very close to what I wrote):

“Hey, regarding those pvp gloves.  If you are into pvp (arenas or battlegrounds) and are building a pvp set for yourself, then forget I brought anything up, but if you’re not really big into it, I’d appreciate having them (willing to pay) as I am really into that side of WoW.”

He said he does like battlegrounds, so I quickly answered “Ah, then nevermind, keep them and use them for your set” but then I got an answer that indicated he does not have a pvp set nor really feels it is needed in battlegrounds, and that since I arena, I should probably take the gloves.  See, I told you I like him, he’s reasonable and very generous!

Except then he changes his mind and says he’d prefer to keep them.

It’s his right, I don’t press the point so as not to turn it into a fight or make a scene out of it, but it really got me thinking.

Does Greed Trump All?

It all comes down to one very basic thing: greed.  We WANT our loot.  We want our epics.  We want our upgrades.  It didn’t, ultimately, matter that this Warlock does not really pvp (680 kills when you’ve played long enough to afford crafted ilvl 245 gear is not indicative of a desire to pvp), nor that he’s been getting pve ugprades everywhere he runs with me uncontested because I don’t roll against him.  In the end, it came down to “I got a shiny purple, I would like it.”  There is nothing inherently wrong in that.  We all play for rewards and I do not for one moment wish to imply that he somehow owed me.  He never asked me to pass on gear for him, nor to carry him, I did that of my own choosing as an e-friend does for his guildies.  He was entirely correct in wanting to keep gear he won on a roll.

Is it smart?

Something being reasonable from a logical standpoint in no way means it is the right thing to do. He was not wrong, again.  But in a tight-knit guild, it wasn’t right, either.  Just the same as he’s been getting help gearing up for pve, he should be able to understand and accept that others may be gearing up for pvp, which he is not (“I plan to maybe one day pvp in a full set” does not count).  Everyone in the guild knows I am generous at passing loot.  One incident stands out that they still bring up without my urging.  Naxx 25 back in the early days of Wrath and the Paladin/Priest/Warlock token drops from KT.  I had the 10man version and it had been a running joke that despite being top dps for weeks, I hadn’t gotten any upgrades.  I won the roll.  A Paladin whom we all ❤ a lot somehow mentioned that he had 3 pieces of tier 7 gear.  I offered him the helm since he was second highest roll.  This way he could complete his 4 piece and I’m sure he’d be much happier than I with the token.  I then went on without any ugprades a bit longer.  But in a close group of friends (which the guild is despite being huuuuuuge and nobody REALLY knowing the others), it’s remembered.  This kind of generosity and willingness to look at the others who play with me leads to many good things.  Nobody seems upset if I end up getting a few drops in a 10 man run, nobody whines that I don’t deserve a piece in secret…  of course they’d all rather get pieces themselves, but they don’t seem to hold a grudge against me when I do get one since they know (or I hope they know) that I will gladly pass on any upgrades for the greater good, or for specific personal good.  The 10man I run in now it goes without saying that we have to shove upgrades down each other’s throats.

So, was it smart?  No, I don’t think so.  I had made it clear this piece was a huge deal for me, and the person who walked away with it did so purely on the offchange that he might one day need it.  What it did is make it less likely that I will willingly bring this person along to my 10mans, or willingly help a group out that he’s a part of.  Not because I dislike him, but because he’s shown me that he isn’t as sensitive with gear as I am.

Yes, I live in a fantasy world in my head where people are respectful with gear and the person who really really wants a piece gets it every time, or the person who really needs a piece gets that piece.  But you know what?  I’ve found at least 14-15 other people who think exactly like I do and we form a really kick-ass 10 man team with minimal drama thanks to that.  It’s good to get an idea of who fits my views of a player to help, and who doesn’t.

What does all this rambling mean???

Nothing at all!  I didn’t get my relentless gloves.  Now I’m sulking.




5 Responses to “Lootility”

  1. 1 Lorey November 18, 2009 at 12:04 am

    I feel for you, as I do the same. I am quite willing to pass on upgrades to others if they need it more. More than willing to help others to gear up and every time I pug and something like what you have said happens it breaks a little piece of my sanity 😀

    but thankfully, like you, I have found that perfect match of friends in wow who will say ‘naw, only a slight upgrade for me. YOU have it :D’ or if they know I am pining after something so bad that all my sentences revolve around it then they happily give it to me (if only to shut me up!).

    I recently had a Ony 25 pug that made me twitch. The polearm dropped and it is a huge upgrade ofr me an many a hunter who went, before a vicious word or two was said about how it was useless to hunters and a DK rolled out of spite and won it. *shakes head sadly* crap happens.

    Good luck with your future pugs!

  2. 2 Tania November 18, 2009 at 1:59 am

    Eeexcuse me, as your 2s partner I strongly resent your implication that we are made of fail. My druid is stupid OP even with only a partial PvP set and once he’s fully PvP geared (with help from all this arenaing for point etc) we shall be Gladiators.

    DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, LATUS?! THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE. SPIDER POWER SHALL BE EPIC once Hugs has more PvP gear and a non-lame 2-min (not 5-min) trinket.

  3. 3 Kelsey November 18, 2009 at 2:20 am

    And I as your kind-of threes partner sometimes, I also resent tha- oh, wait. We are made of fail.



  4. 5 Anthony November 19, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    Latus is right, Mages aren’t people. They’re just there to do damage, they don’t have real feelings.

    My guild, as you probably know, are pretty awful about loot. It makes me glad that I’m a tank, only have to roll against one other person, and we’re able to sort out between ourselves and pass when we know the other person really wants an item or we’ve won a couple in a row.

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