Dear Diary, I sometimes raid…

(This post is here to serve as a bit of an explanation for why the next two posts will deal with raid leading and with ToC25 raids)

Well hello there. As my 3 regular readers (or actually somewhere around 45, if some weird stat is to trust about how many “reader programs” pick this blog up are any indication of reality… I’m pretty sure my guess of 3 is more correct), so yeah, as my regular readers know, my raiding and my guild’s raiding career was better than good while it lasted. We weren’t quick on the world scene, but we were quick for our community. Sticking purely to 10 man, we were the second group to kill Yogg on our server (Coilfang-US, lovingly known as Coilfail for a reason) and we did it the week before he was nerfed. Cool beans. We felt good about that. Then the group splintered and only 3 people remain active from that group, with a 4th suddenly having reappeared to raid.

Yes, all that to say, I raided hard in BC, raided hard at the release of Ulduar, and have not done anything organized since then as a guild. In fact, , the splinter group from has officially closed down as of yesterday. People are still in the guild, but that’s all. Guild funds were distributed among the 5 active members who put stuff in the bank lately.

The original guild that we had split from, the glbt-friendly Raging Spears, had formed their own crack squad (A-team, not like, “crack squad” that is composed of washed out addicts) that was tackling higher end raids again. They lacked leadership however, in the sense of someone who would lead them through the harder fights and they inexplicably put off the Ulduar keepers forever, always thinking they should gear up a bit more before trying them. That group was geared extremely well in pretty much all 219 and 226 gear at that time. About 3 months ago, they had gotten to Hodir and had a spot open up in their raid… I jumped at the chance to help them through the fight, having offered that often when we talked. So in we went, and after a few explanations and attempts they pwnerated the fight. Over the next 3 weeks I became a regular in their group and we moved on through the keepers until we had all but Mimiron downed. They tried him on their own one time, then I came in and we one shot. This, on it’s own, speaks so much about experience and how it makes any fight easy. The combination of me having done the fights (while somewhat co-leading the raids) in our own guild and their excellent gear made these fights stupidly easy. Even Vezax went down smooth.

This was around the time of ToC having come out and the bosses being released one by one. At that time our guild mage, Ainara, had just started a new job and Morgaina/Hugsthetrees (priest/balance druid) had taken on night shifts.  Our old tank, Rimona, was starting school and taking 2 jobs.  We tried hard to organize nights that would work for all and pug the rest, and we got Beasts down, we got Jaraxxas down with 2 pugs, and then cockblock FC killed us one week.  Then we couldn’t get a raid together to save our lives and I gave up after a few more weeks of trying to accomodate incredibly unfriendly schedules.  Around one week after Anub was released, I simply pugged ToC10 and cleared the whole thing, getting, yet again, valuable experience.  The following week, I offered to take the Raging Spears group, Ainara included, through ToC10… and we did, we cleared it.  It was sexy.  And once again, it was the combination of experience with the fight and gear of the raid.  Can’t fail when that comes together.

Since then, the group is clearing toc, ony, ulduar regularly.  Yes, we even got through Yogg again with all the new people.  From doing 4-5 bosses per week in Ulduar, the group moved up to clearing Yogg in, what, 2 months?  With a lot of that time not even spent in Ulduar because, really, who still raids Ulduar unless it’s for hard modes…

As of about 5 weeks ago, we’ve organized a 25 man group that consists of that 10 man group, more players out of Raging Spears, a friendly guild with the word Chaos in the name (I can never remember it) and pugs from friendly guilds.  There is a group of 3 players that pugged Ony with us one night and we include them as well.  I “lead” that raid, and it has become a very steady progression group.  We are relatively picky about gear, while we don’t care for achievements.  Over the time we’ve organized this one night raid, we have had maybe 35 different people participate.  That is really amazing for a half pug, that we’ve established a pretty regular rotation of players.  I can say that at least 20 are regulars every week, with the remaining 5 being semi regular.  Yesterday we didn’t have a single “new” player.

This is really awesome for us all seeing as true 25 man guilds are rare on Coilfang, and this is giving 25 more players to have a somewhat regular group.  I foresee (and hope) that we will continue this group when Icecrown Citadel is released and we have a chance to try some bosses right away instead of waiting months again to get it organized.

Anyhow!  I’m playing hooky from work and sitting at a cafe writing this blog, and there will be two more posts following this one.  One is about raid leading, the other is about a bit of story telling (not literal story telling) about the progression we’ve seen in this 25 ToC.


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