3.3 and new developments

***heaviest multimedia post i’ve made… like… ever… be warned! Also contains some 3.3 spoilers***

Blizzard’s $$$ Pet Store

You can now buy minipets for cash.  That’s right.  Cash.  Not gold or silver or copper coins but your credit cards and debit cards.  This makes me sad.  I know Blizzard is in it to actually make money, but in the past they gave the impression of caring about the game first and foremost and knowing the money would come later.  Since the merger with Activision, they’ve clearly established their new position as money first, game second.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s see what has become possible since Activision-Blizzard:

-3 day server transfers

-faction change

-race change

Changing faction (and race) was stated by Blizzard to be impossible.  Not allowed.  They would never ever permit it.  But they did once Activision got a hold of them.  Now they’re actually selling in-game items for money and it just seems off.  This isn’t the Blizzard that started off all those years ago, this is some new money-hungry Activision.  I know a lot of the same people are still there, but they weren’t desperately trying to get us all to fork over more and more cash, they seemed happy with the 15$ a month subscription fees and game sales.

Of course, I’m not saying they shouldn’t do it.  It makes business sense.  If 1% of the playerbase buys a pet it would equal 1,200,000$ extra revenue.  I suppose that’s accurate based on last account numbers, even if I wonder what that number truly stands at (minus WoW-less China, for instance).  Regardless, it makes good business sense.  It just doesn’t make good “make old players feel good about the state of the game” sense.

That rant aside, the two pets offered are a Pandaren Monk and Lil’ KT.  I have to state that the Pandaren Monk is awesome and I want it and will buy (also the other one… I’m a sucker for stuff I can buy for WoW that is legal!).  It does karate moves!  It’s badass!  And until the new year, half the costs of the Pandaren Monk (only that one, not Lil’ KT) will go to the Make a Wish Foundation.  Sold.

Pandaren Monk (Blizzard store)

Lil’ KT (Blizzard store)


Those of you who know WoW lore, or maybe have read Arthas, know that his horse’s name in life was Invincible, and that he caused it to die out of youthful idiocy (according to the book, this was a new development btw).  When he killed his dad, he went to raise his horsey from the grave and BAM, The Lich King also rides on Invincible.  In any case, in the game we saw Invincible’s grave whenever we wanted to, but during the Zombie invasion before Wrath was released, we noticed the grave had been dug up and it’s equine contents missing!  I’m guessing this was in eventual preparation for the release of the book, or maybe they just thought it’d be cool to do that.


And now, lo and behold, Invincible has been dug up in 3.3 notes!  With the coming release of Icecrown Citadel, we can make the educated guess that the Lich King will drop this mount with the statistical frequency of all other boss mount drops, ie: NEVER.  BUT WE GET INVINCIBLE AS A MOUNT! WE ARE BETTER THAN THE LICH KING BWAHAHAHA!!!!111111onenoenone

But yeah, Arthas’ undead mount will be in the game and it will be a FLYING horse.  What the fuck? It may look awesome but how the hell did raising a horse from the dead suddenly give it wings?  Eff this, the horse is awesome BUT LOSE THE WINGS!


New Sound Files (spoilers)

All the sound files have also been discovered from the next patch, at least the ones that are already in the game and PTR.  That’s great.  We know, for instance, that a lot of lol-worthy stuff is being said:

Professor Farnsworth is here!   Turn your sound on and listen to him!

Varian is redeeming himself??  Listen to this.  One, it’s awesome.  Two, just the sound files make me misty-eyed 😦

How about Bronjahm, the boss?  (Yes, James Brown)  If this is true, this is probably the most epic and entertaining boss ever made!

There is lots of awesome spoiler stuff if you’re so inclined, just head to mmo-champion and leaf through the whole list.  It’s hilarious to see references to “in the mountains” or “two oozes, one room?”.

There is also the introduction of the Alliance (led by Jaina) or the Horde (led by Sylvanas) encountering Uther the Lightbringer’s spirit and a speech with him where he explains a little of the Lich King’s essence and nature.   Check it out here if you want to.

Of Warlock Changes

In absolutely SHOCKING news, Warlock talents and spells will be revamped for the next patch.  Whatever rotation you got used to, and steady dps you got used to, forget it.  You’ll learn it all anew.

What a surprise, it’s not like it happened with every single damn patch that was released during Wrath!  Oh… wait…

The Warlock Tier 10

High definition images were found much better than the ones posted by Boubouille and mmo-champion.com.  I thought I’d share it with you, and from it you can deduce my opinion of this piece of crap. Oh look now I’ve gone and revealed those thoughts!

Don’t believe me?  C’mon, it’s hideously similar to our upcoming tier gear!



4 Responses to “3.3 and new developments”

  1. 1 Kelsey November 4, 2009 at 10:52 pm

    Re: In-game things for RL money
    OMG, for once, WoW is becoming more like Achaea, rather than the other way around! Haha

  2. 2 Anthony November 5, 2009 at 8:47 am

    Except in WoW you can’t spend real life cash to become retardedly overpowered, which is always good. I haven’t decided which of the pets I want to buy yet.

    The big thing in 3.3 for me is the entirely justified Paladin nerfs. And while I know that they’re entirely justified (and that Blizzard have worked hard to minimise the PvE impact), the Lay on Hands causing Forbearance nerf is a HUGE assfucking for raiding.

  3. 3 Shaggir November 6, 2009 at 12:31 pm

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the new post-Activision Blizzard. But, it’s a business and I will continue to pay to play. 🙂

    I will probably get the monks too since some of it goes to charity. (It may melt part of my ice cold heart, amirite?) BUT – I want Lil KT’s too when I found out they taunt your dead opponents in PVP. I really hope they say “The dark void awaits you!” as you kill someone.

  4. 4 Tania November 8, 2009 at 1:07 am

    I was so scared that the patch had been released and I was missing out – AGAIN.

    I don’t want to be left behind again. /cry

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