Of the Nightfall

Well, yeah, we finally zerged it.  Whoopie? 😦

The only reason this was fun (other than epeen +1) is that it allowed me to experiment with threat generation and insta-pulling.  From what I noticed, there is just no way in hell I can stack on the tank, with a bloodlust, and hope to live.  Just not possible.  Regardless of any other strategy, I had to stay at range or I would pull aggro within 10 seconds.  The reason for this is a combination of my relatively leet gear, my (self proclaimed) leetness at using my abilities and the fact that I am, after all, a Warlock.  We’re threat generating machines, and we’re not meant for explosive burst damage unless it’s pvp.  We’re there for the long haul.  Cast a curse, position well, throw a demonic portal down, place our pet properly, then start nuking and only doing so very carefully!  In this Sarth3d zerg scenario, however, that just won’t do.  I don’t have 10-15 seconds to hold back, analyze the situation and then adjust accordingly.  I have to fire at all cylinders for 70 seconds. (Actually took us 82 seconds).  I had to shorten the length of time to which I let the tank prepare.  My rotation:


1. Cast appropriate curse (weakness or elements)

2. Demonic portal in one safe spot with melee.

3. Order imp to stand there and attack.

4. Cast corruption to hold 10 stacks of Illustration trinket.

5. Position in 2nd safe spot.

6. Pew pew, with soulshatter finger at the ready.


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