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While I do love my level 40ish Zulfarrak look that I had up as my banner, I decided I wanted to get something new and fresh.

The one I put up there currently is a placeholder that I’ve been playing around with, and it is most likely not the final product.

I am not so much a Warlock-blog as a blog-written-by-a-guy-who-plays-a-warlock, thus I don’t really feel bad not having very Warlocky elements in my header.  The one that’s there right now is Latus in a pirate outfit on his headless horseman’s reigns (from 2008), in Durotar.  I hoped to crop some actual warlock figures in between the mirrored Piratehorsies, but I was failing hard at it and didn’t want to devote any more time, so instead I put in The Undercity title and stuck this in.

I don’t -mind- the overall look, but I need to get a better graphic editor than Paint!  The text never comes out very crisp and it has zero modifiability.  I want it to be very visible, to stand out, and be in sharp contrast to the picture itself.  That’s step 1.

Step 2 is, well, trying to actually get a banner that I like.  Booooo @ decisions.

Step 3, I guess, is to see if I can actually make a link between my blog name and the banner.  I suppose the Forsaken chick is a link, but the image so clearly screams Orgrimar… booo @ decisions again.  But its puurrrrrty like this 😦


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