Restarting the grind, ie: how to make gold the Latus way

So I’m poor.  By my standards.  I’ve got less than 2,500 gold to my name across my toons.  Poor poor poor.  Obviously it is time to rebuild my financial empire (something in which I lose interest the minute I have more than 8k), but how to go about it?  I am not Greedy Goblin, nor any of the folks who get hardons from playing the auction house.  I like to sell stuff on it, I like to occasionally grab something at a good price, but overall I prefer to play the game and grind my way up.  So while I could be an aggressive AHer, and I have been in the past when I needed money, this time I feel like doing it differently.

I don’t, however, want to just sit there with elementals and grind those out so I can sell primals.  That’s dumb.  I want to make money while having fun and enjoying the game.  Of the following list, I do numbers 1, 2 and 3.  The rest are speculation that I -will- do eventually.

The Latus Guide To Making Gold

1.  Do some dailies.  I do all the Argent Tournament ones that don’t involve me flying 10 minutes one way.  There is arguably no better gold return on “fun” activities that still involve you playing the game.  Kill a couple mobs, retrieve some sword, throw some harpoons, get loot and 13g per daily… not to mention Champion’s Seals that you can turn into pets and sell on the AH for anywhere from 100 to thousands of gold.  I go through periods of time when I do my dailies, and then I get bored of them and don’t touch a single one.

2.  Do the Wintergrasp weekly quests.  Join one game, sometimes two if you’re unlucky, do the 4 quests, get some gold, some marks, voila.  And you gain honor.

3.  Farm for the Baron’s mount in Stratholme.  This is mostly applicable if you can disenchant.  If you have the mount already, diaf and skip to the next point.  Now, if you don’t, chances are you want it.  Everyone wants this mount.  It’s some kind of jackpot in WoW to have the deathcharger’s reins.  It takes me about 10 minutes at a leisurely pace to walk in, open the first gate, avoid the mobs and kill the 3 bosses + their little posses in the ziggurats, wipe out the abominations in the slaughterhouse, aoe down the flailing zombies, tap my foot impatiently as the doors don’t open fast enough for my liking, kill the guards and kill the Baron.  I don’t go out of my way looking for extra mobs or bosses to kill.  Just those 3 + abom boss + Baron give me about 10 large brilliant shards.  Undercut the competition heavily if you have to, but sell them off in bunches of 5.  I sell em at roughly 5 gold a pop, so each run nets me 50g just in these shards.  Add to this the runecloth that drops, the greens that disenchant into beautiful Illusion Dust or Greater Eternal Essences and it’s a jackpot situation.  All in all, I estimate about 100-150g per attempt… 4 attempts per hour, 500-600g per hour WHILE you’re actually doing something you might enjoy.  I happen to ❤ Stratholme, so I don’t suffer at all running it.

4.  Run heroics now and then.  The daily heroic makes sense.  No, not to sell Crusader Orbs for the triumphs… if you’re trying to enjoy the game, you’re also probably gearing up.  Keep the triumphs.  Use your Emblems of Conquest, convert em into Emblems of Heroism and buy uncut epic gems.  They tend to sell 100-150g per… get them cut and the price jumps up another 50g or so.  These cost you 10 or 20 emblems.  So every 3 days, you can get yourself another 200g.  Not bad.

5. Run battlegrounds.  The daily heroic at least.  Maybe some others.  Earn honor.  If you no longer need to spend honor on pvp gear, just buy epic gems.  Same story as in point 4.  They cost 10,000 honor for the uncut ones.  Every… what… day practically?  You could get yourself another 200g just from pvp’ing a lot.

6.  Quest in areas you haven’t completed yet.  Maybe you’d like to get some achievements relating to amounts of quests, or zones completed.  Go for it.  Even going through Outland zones will still net you a little bit of gold for completing the quests and they won’t even make you think of breaking into a sweat as you complete them.  Maybe you haven’t completed all the Northrend zones?  LOTS of gold waiting for you as you do that.

Sadly, that’s about it.  There are no secret magical ways that you can run this and that instance and BAM you’re 10,000 gold richer.  I knew I had big expenses coming up with Merlin’s Robe, so I played and kept that in mind.  I didn’t buy frivolous 3000g pets or anything, I just played, let the gold accumulate until I had about 11000, then I stopped caring.  Equipping a tanking and a healing set of gear with proper enchants and gems for my alt Druid turned out to suck a lot of my resources, way more than I expected… especially since just about every piece I upgrade via emblems turns out to be the next piece that drops in ToC or Onyxia or VoA and forces me to keep rebuying the same gems.  But yeah, I bought my Merlin’s robes, I upgraded everything to Triumph gear, got some drops, and it cost me a pretty penny :O (as you saw in the last post).

I’m shooting to have 10,000 gold again, as that’s a pretty decent amount to have when I need to buy something.  Let’s see how this works out.  My best guess is that as long as I do my dailies, I’ll steadily accumulate wealth.  When I stop and just start grinding away Arathi Basin reputation, it’ll dwindle 😛


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