Happy Place

Here’s a giant collage of my gear.  Mostly because while you can of course click on armory, you probably won’t… and even more importantly, the armory is most likely blocked at your work.


Click on it for the full size, obviously.

I have a Trophy of the Crusade for a pair of tier 9 pants (the 2nd level of tier9) but that will happen next week, after two clears of ToC (10 and 25).  The rest looks pretty settled.  Unless I get really lucky with some drop in 25ToC, I don’t foresee any major changes to my gear anymore until Icecrown Citadel is released.  The 5man heroic gear of ilvl 232 and the raids themselves will probably have many more upgrades.

The stats in the middle are my naked stats with zero buffs on me.  No fel armor, no grand firestones, nothing at all.

I seem to hover around 6.5k dps on most somewhat stationary fights (Koralon I’m now between 6 and 7.5), and the fights where I get damage buffs I haven’t had a chance to try out this gear yet :(.

Overall I think this is pretty good for someone who has done exclusively 10mans (and now 2x25ToC with a pug), but it has cost me sooo much gold… stupid stupid enchants and gems and cuts and orbs…  Cowtch has 50g.  Latus has 670g, and my bank alt has 1.7k.  That’s the lowest I’ve had since… well.. probably since Burning Crusade after I got my epic flight!

Hey Argent Dawn, remember me? I’m baaaack, gimme gold.


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