Thrills and joys of organizing raids

As our guild’s resident Priest said, a lack of raiding makes [us] go insane. We don’t spend as much time as we do juggling stats, gear, gems… running the same stupid boring old heroics for emblems… grinding alts to 80 just to have back up in case another type of toon is needed…  to then sit on our asses and twiddle our thumbs while other guilds progress.

While this is rather a qq type post, and of little interest to most readers, I feel like voicing it here in case another helpful person emails me like they did on one of my other qq posts with suggestions.

History of Fail in our 10man

  • Morgaina’s computer craps out around February/March (rough guess).  She’s gone for a few months.
  • Rimona’s computer is stolen around the same time. He’s gone for a couple months.
  • Zollist ditches us to play for a leet raiding guild.  He’s gone for good, doesn’t raid ever again as they ditch him.
  • Shaggir monopolizes the raids more and more to suit his own needs and aspirations in the game, drives the raid insane piece by piece.
  • After downing Yogg in early June, raids start falling apart as attendance suffers due to the previous point.  Situation worsens as tension increases.
  • Morgaina comes back full time, hates what she sees in the guild, leaves… comes back again eventually, thankfully.
  • Latus confronts Shaggir on his behavior, Shaggir quits raiding.
  • Dizciple disappears onto other toons.
  • Curen starts playing only if her friend plays with her.
  • Salisbury starts playing less, transfers off server.
  • Curen transfers off server (or at least plays other toons).
  • Squintie disappears after being here on and off throughout Wotlk raiding.
  • Thymbul buys a new house, takes the opportunity to quit wow and raiding.
  • Rimona gets a 2nd job, trails off the raids.

The tally of who we lost

3 top notch, geared healers.
3 amazing tank/dps dual specs.
2 excellent dps.

We are now on the verge of losing another healer, and a healer and dps are taking up mostly night-shift jobs.

Verdict: fail group.


The steady reliable part of our 10man is now (or will be in a few days):

1 Paladin tank, 1 Warlock.

A 10man raid this does not make.  We have a healer and a dps “reliable” in the sense that whenever they’re not working they will be here gladly.  So a tank, a healer, 2 dps.  That’s not even a full 5 man team.

I see 3 solutions:

1 – everyone goes their separate ways, adjusts their schedule and play time to suit their needs.

2 – we find 1 night a week, each week, where the 4 of us are available and build around that, pug what we have to.  Get through 4-6 bosses in Ulduar, maybe the first 2 regular ToC.

3 – recruit “casual” players like us who are willing to put in 4-6 hours raid time that 1 time a week, more times a week if schedules allow it, and push for it.  Create this as an optimal group with the right classes, right specs and right synergy between the members.

I obviously like the 3rd option best, but to get 6 new players like this will be impossible…



6 Responses to “Thrills and joys of organizing raids”

  1. 1 Kelsey September 1, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    Not to mention your schedule is about to change right?

  2. 2 Kelsey September 1, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    “The steady reliable part of our 10man is now (or will be in a few days):

    1 Paladin tank, 1 Warlock.”

    There are more than 2 reliable, steady people in the guild, just not more than two who have the power to be on whenever they want. Really, though, there’s a difference between being able to be on all the time and being reliable. There are members in our guild who are basically on all day, but but during a raid, they’re late, they take 30 minute afks or something of the sort. Then there are those of us who, though we may have jobs (or school in some cases) if we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there on time, flasked, and ready to spend as long as we need (barring unfortunate cases where computers walk our back doors or soda leaps onto the keyboard and causes havoc within). It’s just a matter of everyone being off work/out of school on the same day to be able to get something together. I realistically don’t think that will happen (and least not every week — and I think it’d be nearly impossible to make it the same day every week) unless we start raiding in the day time or really late at night.

  3. 3 Tania September 1, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Unfortunately, if everyone goes their own ways I will only be able to PuG things. If it does end up being the only solution, then I will try to be happy for those who are raiding.

    Boooo only night shifts.

  4. 4 latusthegoat September 1, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    “There are more than 2 reliable, steady people in the guild, just not more than two who have the power to be on whenever they want.” yeah, that’s what I said afterwards 😛 Sehk and I are the only ones who have the old raid times off most of the week. I have school until 3:30, so I can still make my old raid times 7 days a week.

    I would really rather we don’t go our ways, but it might be the only way to have any of us still raid. I much prefer an effort to get things going with a new group of “mature” players who have the same responsibilities and who aren’t in it for the loot so much as the raiding and progression aspect. If that happens, they’ll be happy to do 1, sometimes 2 nights a week… sometimes none. I think I’ll start looking around various blogs and forums.

  5. 5 Tania September 1, 2009 at 10:14 pm

    3:30 your time is only 12:30 server time (and my time). That’s ridiculously early. 😀

  6. 6 Diz September 2, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    I’m having bad luck on my Alliance. 😦 So… this may spark more interest in just my Hunter again. I know DKs/Paladins/Mages are fun, but not without a guild I like or… even a reason to really play besides having friends to talk to!

    Now if only I could faction switch now. 😦

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