Blogroll Update + 2 awesome posts

Slight update, I’ve finally gotten around to adding Shayzani’s 2fps to the right side there.  There are lots of good posts but unfortunately some unnatural obsession with deadknights keeps polluting the otherwise good reads.  😛  MOAR WARLOCK LESS FAILKNIGHTS!  Effin’ OP class… HAI I HAVE CC WITHOUT COOLDOWNS!  I HAVE 15 OF THEM!!! AND I HAVE 100% IMMUNITY TO MAGIC DAMGE LOLLOCK!


But yeah, good reads, good guy, good blog!

In other awesome posts recently, the Greedy Goblin comes through with an absolute gem regarding the state of most raiders who are not in a server 1st type guild.  Have a gander at Is more content better.

Pike, on the other hand, finally saw Ulduar and in typical Pike fashion gives us a quick line about XT:

I think he and Patchwerk would get along well. “OOOH I WANT TO PLAY WITH MY TOYS!” “PATCHWERK WANT TO PLAY TOO!

Feel free to scoot along for the full post here.

Wowfailure’s blog is great in the last post about WoW lore, just check out the link on the right… and ignore her when she goes crazy and talks about another game, entertaining though her writing may be! 😀


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