Lord Jaraxxas Scoresheet

Lord Jaraxxas has the dubious honor of being one of the few bosses that are not winning the game against me.

Jaraxxas 1 : 1 Latus

Two shot him. After one shotting the Northrend Beasts. To be fair, we spent yesterday learning the Beasts.

While nice… is this a bit too easy? Or are we that good? I know it’s regular 10man and that Heroic will be tougher but still, it feels like an encounter with that much aoe damage and so many things happening (flames shooting out of our asses, giant sexy demons that spin you up in the air and hurt for tons, fireballs, infernals that go haaadduuukeen and then stand doing aoe damage, abilities that stop you from getting any heals until you are healed 30,000… lest you blow up…), it really feels like it should have been a bigger learning curve. Our one wipe could have been prevented if we had properly researched the fight instead of saying “Ok, he does this… let’s just see if we heal through it or what, we’ll get it right as we go.”

Or maybe, just maybe, our healers were that bad ass! We pugged a Druid with 2250 unbuffed spell power, and had our best two healers on the job (Paladin + Priest). Sehk and Rim tank like beasts, and honestly, the only slightly bad aspect of that fight was the DPS which was low. Or rather, the damage done was really low. I almost had triple the damage done of the 5th person on the list, and the top 2 damage done were miles ahead of the bottom 3. Have to look into this… Our DPS is low, as well, with only one person breaking 4k and most others hovering at the high 2000s, which is not going to go well with the later encounters in the coliseum. These were “easy”, relatively.


4 Responses to “Lord Jaraxxas Scoresheet”

  1. 1 Diz August 13, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    Would’ve been a different story if I were there.

    Totally different.

    Like I’d be beating you in DPS different.

    Maybe not, but we’d probably wipe two times because I was trying to beat you in dps.

    I hate girlfriends.

  2. 2 Kelsey August 13, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    As a girlfriend, I take offense to that!

    (Just do what Lat did and introduce her to WoW.)

  3. 3 Anthony August 16, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    Lord Jaraxxus does seem like an overly easy fight, considering how “much” there is to keep track of. (Hint: If you want a really easy time, tank the boss)

    We downed him in four tries. The first wipe nobody really had any idea what to do. The second time, not sure what happened. The third time we got him down to 1k, then the one remaining person (Paladin offtank) didn’t bother to interrupt the Fel fireball cast OR cleanse the debuff it leaves, causing him to die.

    Fourth time, he went down quite smoothly.

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