A final visit to my twink-disappointment of 3.2

I know, I know, you’re not so interested in twinks but I promise my fascination is also waning quickly due to the changes in the patch. Let me tell you a story or two (all about how my life got flip…. err… nevermind!) from yesterday’s two matches that I played. I have not yet disabled xp gains because I haven’t decided if I won’t say to hell with it and level my warrior. So I join a WSG and recognize a couple twinks on the Alliance side. Cool, I think, we’re pretty even in 1 phat twink on each side and 2 semi-twinks and the rest lower levels. I see a druid running really fast to our base around ramp side, so I take the tunnel. The druid is the twink and has me targeted, so he knows I’m coming to defend our flag.


The speed buff is there, I grab it as he picks up the flag. I round the corner twice, Charge, and get him stunned inside the keep still. I know how these Druids will play. I hamstring. I hit twice more, he’s at 50% health pretty quickly. He slowly crawls to outside while I follow him and then he pops into some cat form and just TAKES OFF. FAST. I realize he’s in travel form, and a very quick /face palm makes me realize druids in the 10-19 bracket have access to a 40% speed increase. Somehow, as I’m running, I get out of combat before he’s out of range of charge, so I charge again and stun the stupid fast cat. Hamstring again, he’s not only moving at 70% normal speed. I have the +8% speed enchant on my boots instead of stamina because I badly need the speed help when trying to prevent being kited by hunters. The druid’s got about 300 health left, I see him start casting some healing spell or other, I don’t mind… I usually damage through them. But then he casts entangling roots, pops travel form again and takes off. I’m stuck there for 9 seconds if I wait it out to the end.

NINE SECONDS. No, I will have none of that. He’ll be halfway to his base by then. I pop my trinket, pop a swiftness potion (+50% speed) and chase after him. After about 7 seconds, I get close enough to hamstring, at which point I automatically get rooted from having hit him. 5 second root. He pops out of travel form to remove the snare effect, but does so too close to me, and I just hamstring again. He realizes that he’s too close and starts moving but my roots break and let me go! I still have my swiftness buff for a couple seconds, so I catch up instantly and hamstring his travel form again, and bring him down to about 200 health. I swing again, BAM 50 health with one Rend dot ticking, and then my speed buff wears off, he pops out of travel form and right back in and takes off while I stand there slowly running after him.

I know Blizzard ignores the implications of spell level requirement changes on low level pvp, but travel form in the under 19 bracket? Come the fuck on. Either disallow it in WSG or give every other class access to similar speed buffs and/or more stuns and roots. Which, oh, brings me to story number 2!


In the same game, I set a hunter in my sights who has about 1200 health, a decent twink.

I charge in while he’s beating up on level 10s and has racked up 16 killing blows with 0 deaths, I stun, he trinkets, runs, I get webbed, I take it like a man, I start to run, I get concussed, I crawl at him but he seems awfully awfully far away from me by that point. I make a quick mental calculation based on distance, my current health and his cooldowns, and I decide I can still kill him. I pop a swiftness potion and try to make up the missing ground but he just turns tail and takes off running and I can’t reach him. I’m gaining on him but I’m constantly taking damage from his pet and from his jump-shots while he’s still running. I try to figure out why I’m not reaching him when a second hunter’s pet webs me and I eventually die. I rezz, target the hunter from a distance and look at his buffs: “aspect of the cheetah”. !!! 20% speed run increase, and apparently gets dazed if struck. Because this is precisely what the highest kiter/damage output in the 10-19 bracket needs, a speed buff so they can kite more effectively.

I’m as experienced and geared a hunter killing machine as there ever was in this bracket, and with full cooldowns, I only won about 50% of my one on ones with this hunter twink that whole round. While this is still good, imagine what a non-twinked toon will be able to do against a hunter: nothing. That’s why he was at 19 killing blows and 0 deaths when I finally got him and boy did that feel good. NO ACHIEVEMENT FOR JOO!

Once again, good job Blizzard giving hunters 20% increased movement speed with the only drawback being a dazed effect if struck. Newsflash: nobody hits hunters. I got a bit better at anticipating their movements, but even level 16 hunters were coming dangerously close to killing me purely on kite-factor. Their 20% speed increase, even when they’re just backing up, was almost too much for me to handle, never mind if they are smart / experienced enough to strafe or turn around and run.

I will be disabling xp gains this weekend and looking at how the twink brackets play out. I sense a quickly deteriorating level of interest, however, with the current changes brought about by 3.2. I am a killing machine, and two changes have made it so I cannot kill a druid 1 on 1 unless it’s an idiot who stays and dies instead of running away to heal up, and I have to get incredibly lucky and super super super smart to defeat a hunter twink now. Defeats the purpose of a killing machine. Maybe I’ll go to the 29 twink bracket with Alevia, so that I can have a mount… not sure what good that would be in combat though.


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