Project Cowtch-80

Having been all over the place with my gaming lately, it probably comes as no surprise that I’ve now attempted yet another new thing.

Those who inexplicably follow my ramblings will know that since my 10man raid blew up I have :

-polished my twink warrior and amassed nearly 2000 kills in WSG already.
-started levelling a human priest on Bloodhoof… she’s sexy as hell.
-played the auction house in a beginner way on Bloodhoof, now having about 150g.
-helped Ainara twink her hunter (read about it on her Naked If I Want To blog, I can’t create links with email posts yet): he’s now level 18 and is only missing 3 pieces of gear that aren’t wsg rewards, and none are drops, all are quest rewards.
-worked on creating WoW movies (MASSIVE failure)
-other assorted crap.

Now, an old friend (acquaintance?) from another game made a post on his blog 2FPS.COM regarding a 3rd healer for his 10man group which just can’t seem to get past the Keepers and actually kill Vezax, in fact lately even Mimiron can’t be downed because of only 2 healers and not uber 25 hard modes gear. That got the hamsters in my head running in their wheels and I thought to myself, “self, you have a healer coming up right?” and I then answered “that’s right self, I do. You’re pretty clever, and dashing, and cool.” I continuted this dialogue for a while, reaching new levels of praise, until I remembered the matter at hand. Cowtch is still level 71, having just dinged up to it about 2 weeks ago when I lost interest in levelling and focused on my low level toons and having fun in WSG. What if… what, if I thought, I could really push the levelling and hit 80 in the next 2 weeks or so? I know most of you could run 71-80 in a couple days, but I am FAIL at levelling. FAIL FAIL FAIL. It took me like, roughly 25 years to level Latus. I started in 1982!

If I could level Cowtch quickly, I have the funds to get him a pretty solid starter set, from the BoE emblem bracers to general boe drops from Naxx that I can get for about 300-600g each, to the crafted gloves, chest and cloak. A titanstell spellblade is a possibility if the BoA staff isn’t so hot anymore compared to spellblade + offhand (prison manifest is what I have in my bank, from VH), and the BoA shoulders and Sp. power/haste trinkets are good to go. While I wouldn’t quite be super geared, I would be plenty fine to heal Naxxes and Ulduars, since experience more than makes up potential shortcomings in gear.

So the unofficial agreement is that I push my levelling and see how that works out. If I miraculously pull it off, I’ll probably transfer Cowtch off to Moon Guard.

Of course, with September and a potential school year (2 days of school per week) starting, it’ll turn out I -do- ding 80 and transfer, only to find that my school schedule doesn’t allow for their Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday raids.

Nonetheless, Operation Cowtch-80 begins. And fails after the first night, I gained about 800k xp in 5 hours of play including a dungeon. All fully rested. BLARGH


1 Response to “Project Cowtch-80”

  1. 1 Emily August 5, 2009 at 2:09 am

    I can’t even wrap my head around people going from level 71 to 80 in a couple of days. Two weeks seems doable, but all by yourself? How could you stand it? On a PRIEST?

    Is it a shadow priest? At least you can kill stuff relatively quickly with the shadow tree. I remember totally skipping holy fire and just using smite over and over and having to stop after every monster killed to regen mana and heal up again. It was so time consuming. And I’d usually be fucked for mana if I pulled another on accident. But that was before I knew that I should put spirit before int and had decent mana potions. And then said fsck this and went shadow anyway.

    ANYWAY. Wow, well, good luck to you on that. I ran into some guy farming for crystallized fire and he was level 74. I went back like a day and a half later and he was level 76 and I became uber jealous. I’m so slow. I need Tony to hold my hand all the time with quests, too. đŸ˜¦

    Done yabbering!

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