First impressions of 3.2

Love. It.


Ok, so I logged on to the important toons.  I started with Karhina and got myself a horsey!  Sexy stuff.  I continued with Cowtch and just ran around like Scar.  My cat form is definitely my favourite of the bear/cat.  Finally, I logged on to Latus and ran through the new Argent Tournament quests, the Black Knight being a notable PFFFFT element of it.  It’s not even done, wtf.

Then Morgaina and I stepped into Isle of Conquest.

If Arathi Basin had dirty raunchy sex with Alterac Valley and then snorted cocaine off of Wintergrasp’s stomach, you would get Isle of Conquest.  It’s pretty badass.  Flying ships, 4 kinds of vehicles, a catapult that shoots you way the hell up in the air without killing you on the way down.  And HKs galore!  I think I only have 3 achievements left for the meta, one of them being 100 victories, so it’ll take a while.  The others are very easy so far.  Nowhere near the difficulty of the other battlegrounds.  In fact, I got the Isle of Conquest All Star on my first battle there.  It’s probably one of the hardest ones, and BAM, done… granted, I was hunting for it… but still.  You have to assault a flag, defend a flag, destroy a vehicle and kill a player.

Hopefully you will get a kill on someone.  If you don’t, there’s a case to be made for quitting WoW.

A vehicle will be destroyed in your vicinity.  It may have to be killed by you specifically, ie: the killing blow must be yours.  Not sure.  if the latter, then ok, there’s an element of chance associated with it.

Assaulting a base isn’t too easy but there are 5 of them and more to do than you can shake a stick at.  Over the course of the game, you will get a chance at a flag.

Defending a base is probably the toughest part of this.  I got lucky that I snuck behind the Allied front and just capped our keep flag back during the big fighting going on just ahead.

After 3 hours: two undead thumbs way up!

And now to take a short break and heal Scholomance on my Druid since my sister wants to see it, and she’s kinda hurt and just got stitches on Monday morning, so I’ll be nice and do it.  Then it’ll be on to the Colisseum!


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