Zero to Hero to Zero


I really didn’t plan on it, I just… thought I’d have a look at what Arathi Basin looks like from the Alliance side.  I’m not that mean that I think I’m useful at level 20 in the 20-29 bracket.  Or am I?

Having dinged last night before passing out in a heap on my bed and barely making it to work, I bravely stepped back into the fray today and said “I just want to look…”  And look I did!  I was by far the top healer and even assaulted a flag in between the battle while the nasty 29 rogue twinks were occupied and too far away to interrupt me!  Heck, things go so good that unless they got an unbelievably lucky series of crits, I couldn’t be killed.  I’d shield, renew, spam Flash Heal and fear whenever it was up and I would live until reinforcements arrived.  The opponents would be so set on killing me that they’d ignore all others and just let themselves die.  I know the feeling, though, I’ve gone after a “well geared” level 13 Paladin on Alevia only to die repeatedly to everyone around him, yet I refused to peel off… level 13, PAH, I will look at him and he will die!  I’m sure I caused the same reaction here.  “Level 20 clothie? HAHAHAHA…ha… hmm… why .. die… why won’t you DIEaaahhhhh feared damn you DIE DIE DIE OMG MY HEALTH NOOO MUST KILL THE CLO..shit!!!”

I won’t be stepping back in until at the earliest level 26 just to see how it is, I promise.  I hate it when level 10-18 join my Horde twink fights 😦  Seriously, go enjoy your game at the detriment of other twinks, not me!  I’m happy I did well and nobody was complaining about the level 20 noob, in fact they were laughing at it and the twinks were urging me to level up to 29 asap.  Yay me.

p.s.  that glyph of power word shield that heals you for 20% of the shield is godly.  That was the difference many many times when I’d manage to get a shield off with a couple dozen health left, get healed enough to survive one more hit once the shield wears off, and right around then my flash heal would go through.

p.p.s.  yes, I claim I couldn’t be killed but I have the most deaths.  My unkillability ™ was of course situational.  I couldn’t survive getting teamed, or being focused while mid-cast with someone else’s heal, or sometimes just pure firepower from a single person (rogue / hunter).  It also was a bit of a learning curve in the first couple minutes, going from top tog in the 10-19 bracket to bottom feeder in the 20-29.

WHAT PISSES ME OFF:  dying with 17 killing blows on Alevia and 0 deaths until then.  3… bloody… kills… from Wrecking Ball.


3 Responses to “Zero to Hero to Zero”

  1. 1 Kelsey July 31, 2009 at 10:10 am

    Now the Hercules song is stuck in my head. Boo! But yay for your overall kickassness. (That’s a word. You wouldn’t know.)

  2. 2 Shayzani July 31, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    This really makes me interested in making a priest twink for the 29 bracket.

  3. 3 Emily August 1, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    I wish I knew about battlegrounds. 😦 I only just learned about using psychic scream to get people wtfaway from me, and I’ve been questing in Northrend for ages now. 😦

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