Phat Lewts, a Latus rant.

I know, I know, my blog is all over the damn place lately, sorry! There is a good reason for this: burn out. Yeah. I have to admit to it finally.

After roughly 3 years, I’m finally suffering from burn out on my main toon. Nothing seems all that exciting. PVP is boring and more of the same old to get +5 spell power and +6 resilience for a couple days of work. PVE is even more boring since our 10man went KABLOOOOOOM. When I occasionally get a group together things move slowly and we’re carrying a bunch of people through the easy content without ever pushing ourselves. Questing? Exploring? Achievements? Bleh.

Let me tell you about a pet peeve of mine in human/player behaviour. There are always new players that join the guild or group I associate with. These players might be good or bad, but they’re directly linked to people I like, so I like them by default. There is a fresh mage in the guild exactly in such a way. He’s a good player, experienced, we ganked each other a bit while he was Alliance on the server. But now he hit 80 on his mage. I helped him get there, too, by running regular dungeons with him. Then he oftened joined OS, VoA and Naxx runs where nobody else needed gear and we were just taking him and a couple other “new” 80s to gear themselves up. Recently he joined an Ulduar 10man run with another new person in the group. The rest of us were experienced. The sword dropped from Flame Lev… the sword I’d made clear was one of the last updgrades I coveted. Everyone else who could roll passed. He needed and won. Later, jokingly, he said, “I kinda felt a little bad afterwards, but I have a blue main hand still…”.

You know what? Fuck you. You get ALL the upgrades in the OS, VoA, Naxx runs that you want. Nobody rolls against you. We help you get gear. Do we -have- to take you? Hell no. We could easily have 8manned the thing, we could easily have taken someone who was already geared and get through the place about an hour faster. But we agreed to take you, I agreed to pick up your 2-2.5k dps slack (because normally our groups run with a 4k average), and we all agreed to simply help you gear up. And yet, in your eternal greed, you could not make yourself pass on the first piece of gear in 2 months that was an upgrade for me. “I have a blue”.

Was he admittedly right in rolling? Could I have master looted it and ninja’d the sword saying “suck it up”? Of course the answer is yes in both cases. This, however, is a rant about how that was a piss poor thing to do and how it eliminated my willingness to help him again. I’m not angry at him, I never told him this was that kind of deal because I didn’t think about it. To me it seems like the logical, smart thing to do. I was very vocal about that sword being an upgrade, and how I’ve been running months of Ulduar to get it. But, his call. He showed even further what kind of player he is when he later rolled against a boomkin who hadn’t won anything, saying “best in slot”. I’m not going to be mean, or rude, or dislike him for this… but I won’t go on any runs with him again.

All this to say that certain traits, like greed and a sense of fair play, shine through all the time in the end. After allowing a player to gear up every which way uncontested, would it have killed him to pass? No. Would it have been a decent way of saying “thank you”? Sure. I really don’t need -anything- that drops in the low level crap I’ve helped run him and others run through. Would it have made everyone in the group think better of him? Yes. And unlike Greedy Goblin’s view that nobody remembers what you do anyways… in a tight knit group, everyone does in fact remember. It -was- noticed, people did comment in private.

Maybe I’ll start rolling need on every purple that drops in these runs because I need them for enchanting, and it’s not fair that they get gear uncontested.

I think that would make this very fair.


5 Responses to “Phat Lewts, a Latus rant.”

  1. 1 Kelsey July 20, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    I’m glad I had you with me when I first started playing to teach me rules of loot etiquette. Of course, I had never raided before and had only seen you guys faceroll through Naxx with me in tow, so I didn’t really understand the work that went into gearing up, and how long people can wait for that one piece they need. The player in question, though, knew all of this, and it was really just a very poor move from any angle, all things considered.

  2. 2 latusthegoat July 20, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    You were very lucky that we had a stable group of people that ran together as it made gearing up much easier. People passed items to those who really wanted them or who really needed them. You saw how it was, we had to force people to take things. 😀

    In an irregular group, this kind of stuff happens… what hurts in this case is that it -was- our regular group + 2. Grr.

  3. 3 Kelsey July 20, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    That is a hideous smiley face …

  4. 4 Diz July 21, 2009 at 3:15 am

    You should’ve hit me up on uh… well, you don’t have my msn do yah? I would’ve took his spot and be all “Lol, spell sword, lol…” and looked the other way. That mage was a complete dick it seems and if I were in any sort of power in that guild(considering how temperamental I am), I would’ve kicked him for going against guild philosophy.

  5. 5 Twonationarmy July 21, 2009 at 11:14 am

    Its always so funny (not the right word for it) to see people say things like “I felt kinda bad about it but did it anyway” in situations like this.

    Yeah maybe that feeling of guilt and general wrongness you’re feeling is a warning from your brain or your conscience telling you not to be a douchebag. Maybe you should listen to that feeling.

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