Definition of Success

Five people who downed Yogg in ten man rerolling Alliance alts and not clearing Deadmines.

Flintlocke would have been proud of us. It took nearly two hours to really get going from the moment we signed on only to run DM. First, we had to get there, which was a feat in itself on foot. Second, we finished a quest along the way and killed ourselves 15 pillagers and some other members of that vile Defias organization. Third, we realized Ainara was in Darkshore and not yet level 16, so we couldn’t summon her. We waited until she dinged. Which took a while because she started trying to rush it and ended up as a ghost most of the time. Then one of us hearthed to Auberdine and helped her. Then we had some afk’ing near the stone. I realized I was close to dinging 16 myself, so I ran around killing mobs and hearthed to learn skills which would obviously be INVALUABLE to our massive expedition. In the meantime, Ain and her helper both ran back to learn their new spells. Ainara because she just hit 16, the helper Druid (our regular Paladin on our mains) because he just gathered enough silver coins to pay for learning!

Finally, we summoned everyone to the stone. Armed with two level 16 Warlocks, a level 16 Priest and Warrior and an 18 Druid, we went into the caves leading to the instance.

Except we didn’t make it there. We slaughtered Defias mercilessly. They came at us from all sides and we kept plowing right through them. We paused only to wipe the blood off our brows and kept the massacre going. These thugs would be taught a lesson, no more would they infest this town! We were the Spartans and these were the Persian millions. We were Maximus and this was the barbarian horde. Alas, no instance in sight.

At one point, we had clearly killed so many that some of them could not find rest in the afterlife and we found their new hideout filled with skeletons and ghouls. Guess what we did! We had a picnic and tried to convert them to the Light. No… we killed them again! That seems really insulting, to kill undead things. Like dying once wasn’t bad enough…

Time passed and I swear so many Defias were slain that we were running out of room for the bodies. Some of the tunnels were getting blocked off with the piles of corpses. Finally, we split up and all ran in different directions. Whereupon Ainara quickly discovered the instance entrance, and whereupon the rest of us quickly died. And ran back to rezz and die again. And then we tried to rezz one last person, but all of us died. So we all ran in. And we got the error message that no more instances were available. So we waited, and died. And then went in, finally.

Our group: 1
Designers who tried to make sure we never got into DM: 0

The instance itself was pretty uneventful. New warlocks just learning about using their abilities, mana problems everywere, a warrior freaking out trying to keep aggro on mobs, warlocks pets attacking things all over the place and going down ramps to come back with buddies, druids and priests alternating between dps and heals, usually running out of mana right as a group of elites would aggro to us after a long pull. And then we got to the ship. About an hour into the run.

I hate killing Mr Smite. 😦 After this unpleasant murder was committed, we ran into a problem. Every mob on the ship would run at us and we’d die, swarmed horribly.

We rezzed, ran back and tried pulling ever so carefully. Got it. We moved around the ship to the left, killed Cookie, then got swarmed again.

Rezz, run back, and then really, really, REALLY carefully pull one mob at a time and run the hell back. As we’re doing that, and we sit there all smug in our knowledge that we finally will get to Van Cleef, I see a patrolling group way up top on the ship walk away from our general direction, stop, one of them point, and everybody bumrush us.

We die again. At this point, we all have completely broken armor and reluctantly call it a night.

Our group: 0
Deadmines: 1

Until we meet again, Defias scum…


3 Responses to “Definition of Success”

  1. 1 Tania July 14, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    My blueberry paths weird. He goes all GOTCHA and then just keeps going. He’s rebelling against being summoned from his nice, cold, empty plane of existence. As he keeps telling me “I don’t like this place.”

  2. 2 latusthegoat July 14, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    He’s also void… where prohibited. No matter how many times Ormmoth says it I still grin.

  3. 3 Diz July 14, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    Okay, now I need to make an alt… ‘cept you guys already got a 5-man group. 😦

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