Slight update

[warning: non-wow related post, at least not entirely]

As I mentioned in the last post, my office cracked down on “internet usage”.  Effectively, they did a very reasonable thing for an office to ask of it’s workers and told us not to use the internet during work hours.  They called one girl in and showed her screenshots of her desktop with various internet sites, MSN (which is blocked) and tons of personal emails and said not to do that again.  All this is ok.  Why am I posting about it? Because I’m upset…  Let’s have a little story time…

I started there two years ago and there was, from the beginning, an unspoken agreement that we were a relaxed department with lax rules.  As long as we did our job, no questions were asked.  That means we could talk, read, surf the web, write emails, watch youtube, whatever we wanted.  We did it, our managers did it, our bosses did it.  All in good sense, of course… I kept my web surfing to a minimum and stayed to discreet websites that didn’t have a million colors and flashing pictures.  You’d be hard pressed to notice I was on the internet most of the time if you looked at my screen when I was in fact surfing.  Everyone did it this way.

Then came Natalie (name not changed, wtf do I care if she reads this somehow?).  Right off the bat she was weird.  She looked weird, she dressed weird, she smelled like a bloody chimney because of how much she smoked…  and quite literally within her first day there Natalie was making personal calls, speaking loudly while on said personal calls and it wasn’t “Hey honey I’ll be home at 5 what do we eat?”.  The first things we heard were “I love giving blowjobs and I’m really good at them.”

Natalie befriended our supervisor very strongly, despite speaking ill of her behind her back all the time.  Natalie simply worked the system to her advantage, because her performance was and still is abysmal.  She spends all day on dating sites, phone calls with her “guy friends” and on facebook and a copy of MSN she accessed through or something like that.  She gets paid the same as I do, who work all day.  Fine.

Last week, as per my post, she got an official warning.  I dropped the internet completely and cut back on the more explicit emails I’d been sending and receiving (helllooo Ainara!).  My coworkers all did the same thing; we have not been online for anything not related to work.  Noboy has been cheating with it, we’ve simply stopped using the internet.

Natalie did not, she persists.  Even in the face of official emails announcing that Facebook will be blocked, she uses it all day… she somehow bypassed the blocks again.  And she yaps… no exaggeration, she wasted 3 hours on Monday to personal calls.  THREE HOURS out of 7.5.  And her work suffered.  She has been at half our productivity at the end of the day since probably last year when she started.  FInally, someone snapped and went to tell the big boss about her personal calls.  He told her direct supervisor.  They said they’d send an email to HR, but they didn’t because HR is on very good terms with me and said so… what they did, however, is send an email bitching at everyone else for the time at which we take our lunches.  Our supervisor, the one who is friends with Natalie, told us to stop eating outside our lunch hour.

To explain this, most of us go to the on-site gym at lunch and eat before or after.  We don’t take regular breaks, just take 10-15 minutes to eat in between work. Supervisor does it too.

This might seem petty or trivial to you as a reader not sitting where I do from 8:30 ’till 5:00, but it is just the final straw in a string of insults to my intelligence at my workplace, and further demonstration of a total lack of respect for us as human beings by the supervisor – who, btw, has not once said good morning or goodbye).

Not only did the bosses NOT see anything wrong with Natalie spending half her day online browsing the web and speaking to her man buddies, they didn’t even think of bringing it up, they said they will tell HR and that’s it.

MORAL OF THE STORY:  I can’t write this blog at work, I can’t read blogs at work, and I’m quitting work.  I’m looking into going back to get my master’s in education and teaching high school or elementary.  3 months vacation baby.


2 Responses to “Slight update”

  1. 1 Diz July 10, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    :O A MAN TEACHER IN ELEMENTARY?! I can believe High School/Primary, but I’ve never had a male teach in Elementary.

    And if I were in your shoes… I’d probably get some scissors and cut all the lines on Natalie’s computer and phone. Actually, she might just be one of those twits and bring in her bedazzled laptop and yap on her celly.

    😦 I hate office jobs.

  2. 2 Kelsey July 13, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    Hey, I’ve been good lately. 😀

    You should quit and get a sweet job in Arkansas … farming or something. Farming rice. Yes.

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