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I wanted to draw attention to a couple of stand out articles and blog posts that entertained me in the last few days.

Lore Sjoberg writes articles at regarding what I believe to be gaming, since the handful of articles I saw were all about games, WoW and old-school Mario 2 and god damn level 3-1.  My favourite post by far is “‘World of Warcraft’ masters in-game bribery“.  Here are some gems from it in case you’re debating clicking the link:

As for the mount part, characters in Warcraft can learn to ride an animal, but not until level 30. Starting characters might be able to conjure fireballs or summon a demon, but put them in front of a horse and it’s like integral calculus to a sleepy stoat. “Horse, huh. How does this work? You … I go on top of it? Like above it? And it moves? I’m not … screw it, I’ll walk.”

“Just this week I’ve been fighting in battlegrounds — special areas where armies clash and 12-year-olds question each other’s sexuality — over and over just for a chance to win a tiny little flying dragon. This dragon doesn’t fight on my behalf or give me powers or anything. He just follows me around. In real life I try to avoid being tailed by parasitic flying creatures, but in the game I seek it out, even though I hate battlegrounds.”


Next in line we have Gevlon, the loveable hateable goblin mastermind, with “Players vs Socials“.  It’s not often that he goes on a tangent about game mechanics aside from how to make money and how to laugh at the m&s (morons and slackers) who beg for 1g on trade, but last week he responded to the Yogg and FL hard mode nerfs in a way that really struck a chord with me.  Well, at least in his 3rd P.S. he responded to it!  If you follow his blog at all, you know that “socials” are purely a source of revenue, both for Blizzard and for Gevlon’s in-game gold mongering… and they have no other use beyond dumbing everything and everyone down to the level of rocks.  I usually agree with him.

“Because the free gear and watching the content is not good enough for socials. If there are “hard modes”, if there is any place where those elistist, unfriendly jerk “players” can go and they can’t, no matter how tiny and irrelevant and cosmetic it is, they feel disrespected second-class citizens. They want everything. And since they have the $15, they will get it.”


Finally, a post from Too Many Alts regarding Ulduar and why it had to be nerfed.  A good read, worth the time to see the logic that might or might not be accurate, but interesting nonetheless!

“Ulduar proved to us that we are not ready for higher content yet, loud and clear. It walked right up to us, smacked us in the face and said “get your crap together and do it now, because this Naxxramas cakewalk stuff is over!”, and then it quietly nerfed itself to an acceptable level where it remains challenging without being insurmountable.”


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