Applying the Yogg Nerfs

As you are probably aware, the difficulty of the Yogg Saron encounter was lowered on June 9th – notice how I avoided saying “Yogg was nerfed”??? I’m leet like that.  The changes were thus:

  1. the spawn rate of fuglies in phase 1 was lowered wayyyy down.
  2. the fuglies no longer mind control anyone.
  3. clouds no longer spawn a new fugly if someone is iceblocked and hits one.
  4. the Immortal fuglies in phase 3 hit less hard.  (they might also have less HP, I don’t know)

Having the privilege of being able to say “we got Yogg pre-nerf” like all the hardcore guilds do, I can now give an opinion as to what the changes mean.

Phase 1 is ridiculously easy… from my point of view as having wiped roughly 70 times perfecting it before the changes.  It isn’t a free pass by any means, and if you have no experience with it I guarantee at least a handful of wipes, but it is definitely an easy, manageable phase now.  If nobody hits clouds, you should never have more than two fuglies up at one time, and that’s easy as pie…  easy to interrupt, easy to position, easy to keep off the raid.

Phase 2, I didn’t notice much difference.  We’re pretty good at handling both the brain room and the “upstairs” portion of the fight.  We were all the same people that were present for the first kill (replace a paladin healer with another paladin healer) and remembered our assignments.  Whether the corruptor tentacles really weren’t as bad on curses is hard to say when they weren’t really up all that much, or if they were, they were stunned.

Phase 3 was definitely easier.  The Immortal fuglies were way more under control than one our first kill.  There were way more moments where we had none of them up, and that allowed the DPS to help with Yogg much more and we were in absolutely no danger of hitting the enrage timer.  Unlike on first kill.  Where we killed him with like, no time left on the timer.

Verdict:  this was definitely a really, really big nerf to the Yogg encounter.

It sucks.  Stop dumbing the game down from every possible angle.  If I wanted to play Free Realms I would sign up there.  Right now, I understand everyone wants to experience raiding, but isn’t that what Naxx was for?  If everything that seems even remotely difficult is nerfed so that everyone can do it, where is the challenge?  If I don’t have time to play in the first month or two after a major content patch, I miss out on the original difficulty and have to face the crappy nerfed modes?  Screw you, Blizzard.


2 Responses to “Applying the Yogg Nerfs”

  1. 1 Kelsey June 16, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    “Whether the corruptor tentacles really weren’t as bad on curses is hard to say when they weren’t really up all that much, or if they were, they were stunned.”

    The number of times I had to decurse was pretty consistent with the other times we’d had a fairly controlled p2 pre-nerf. At least they left one phase alone. 🙂

  2. 2 Anthony June 16, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Having gotten into Ulduar late, I have to admit being annoyed by all the tweaking they’ve been doing to the encounters. While there is still a large amount of satisfaction from downing a lot of the bosses for the first time, there’s always that lingering afterthought of “Actually, it’s only the nerfed version that we’ve done.”

    I’ve never experienced the pre-nerfed Mimiron encounter, but it still seemed a hell of a lot easier to me (possibly due to listening to Kelsey talk about how ridiculous it was). As the tank, the only time I ever encountered rockets is if there were no ranged left alive. Which obviously meant a wipe was in progress anyhow.

    I can understand making changes to the encounters eventually, but Ulduar hasn’t been out for that long. It seems premature to make substantial changes to the raid bosses just because not everybody has it on farm by now.

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