Wireless Vista WoW Lag – a fix

As far as my kinda-ok knowledge of technology allows, I’ve understood that Vista has a lovely built-in feature that allows it to constantly monitor the airwaves around it.  This allows your Vista operating system to maintain connection and to always have an up-to-date idea of which connections are available.

What happens is that if you have a wireless internet connection on your Windows Vista, Vista will refresh the list of available wireless networks once every minute.  If you are just surfing the net, you won’t really ever notice this.  If you are downloading a file, you’ll notice your speed suddenly drop.  If, like most of us who would stumble on this blog, you are an online gamer, you will notice a 1-5 second period of lag and very occasionally you will find yourself kicked from the game.  Once you understand that Vista does this kind of wireless-refresh trick, you finally know why it happens.

The fix? Download Vista Anti-Lag (VAL), here is a direct link:


Once installed, make sure to start it up and hit “activate VAL”, then “refresh” just to make sure it is really active.  If the computer goes to sleep, or sometimes isn’t used in a long time, VAL might have to be re-started… that would be done simply by clicking “activate VAL” twice.


You can minimize it, just make sure not to turn it off.

Happy gaming. ❤ this program.


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