10man Mimiron – Phase 3 with a Warlock tank

Congrats on making it to a whole new phase to wipe in!  Boss, adds, bombs. Fun fun fun.  First things first, make sure you have designated a tank for the head; a destro lock is wonderful.  I hear a hunter isn’t bad.  I suppose a mage could be wonderful too.  Heck, anyone who can generate threat is good.
everyone except head tank stands together.

everyone except head tank stands together.

Handling bombs appears to be a problem for most raids.  The following is the one thing that has made phase 3 arguably the easiest phase for our guild to learn.  People make a big deal of the bombs.  What bombs?

macro bomb
#target bomb
/cast immolate

And then I spam conflagrate, it hits, the bomb is slowed to a crawl, and the three people assigned to make sure they drop finish it off while I go back to the head.  Which is what I do.  I tank that head.  I make sure it’s away from the pack of people and adds and I pew pew while keeping my cooldowns open on all slowing abilities that I have in my arsenal.  As a Destro Lock, that means Shadowfury and that Conflagrate talent that slows for 5 seconds.  Of course, we’ve assigned the people with the best slowing cooldowns and the greatest burst damage to wallop the bombs with me.  I technically don’t even need to worry about them, but the macro gives our clean-up crew all the time they need in the world.  The clean-up crew?  A Frost Mage who casts frostbolts, and an Elemental Shaman who casts roots as soon as the bomb is dropped.

As Head Tank, I keep the head as a focus target so that I can constantly monitor the casts.  Any time a bomb cast starts (every 15 seconds), I call it out over Vent to alert my clean-up crew.  Allowing for lag, I spam my macro and conflagrate the crap out of the bomb.

I call it out if any adds are heading to me and one of the dps or the tank pulls them off me and they get dragged to the aoe inferno we’ve got going.  Of course, the tank usually keeps his cooldowns for the big bots that one shot me, so other people just quickly out-threat me on the small ones.

What spec do I need to be?

The one that does the most DPS.  Forget any kind of “tank spec”, this isn’t Burning Crusade and we’re not in SSC.  You don’t want to destroy your damage output on the other three phases by going into a spec that takes less damage.  Just take the pain in your preferred talent tree.

The rest

The rest is purely observation as I’ve never been part of the AoE group.  Loot has to be set to free for all before the pull.  One person is assigned to looting the cores from the big bots that die.  Once set on the ground under the robotic head, they will pull it down to the ground, stopping the damage spam and bomb drops.  All but 1 big aoe dps switches to dps the head down asap.  As soon as he flies up again, dps goes right back to the adds to keep them under control while the head tank re-establishes an unassailable hold on the head’s aggro table.  When he flies up after a grounded phase, he will immediately throw a bomb bot.  Be aware of this.  When he’s being brought down, his bomb bot cast will sometimes go through.  Be aware of this and inform the raid asap if there’s a bomb bot under the downed head.  Finally, when the head is killed, he will also sometimes spawn a final bomb bot.  Don’t ignore this one, it’s a definite raid killer.  The head will fly away and you have to get on clean-up duty on the adds.  Aoe them down asap, or pick off the last one or two as the tank runs to the center of the room to get in position for the final phase.


  • main tank grabs the whole raid and adds on one spot.
  • there is no preferred spec for the tank if you’re a warlock, just tank.
  • “head tank” pulls the head away from that group of people and tanks it.  This person has to generate threat on the head at all times, and watch out for the main tank accidentally taunting it off.  If that happens, burn your cooldowns and grab it back to you.
  • head tank will take roughly 8k damage every hit from the head.
  • the big adds will one shot all cloth, main tank HAS to taunt them to him.
  • small adds are a nuisance, if the tank can spare a cooldown, taunt.  If not, have a DPS aggro them and pull them to the pack of mobs where it will die or be picked up by the tank.
  • create a macro (see start of this post) to target the bombs and slow them in some way.  Assign 2 people at least, 3 preferably.  Head tank, person who sets the cores on the ground and one more insta-cast or big burst dps is best.
  • bombs drop at a set interval.  I believe it’s 12-15 seconds, but I will verify and confirm this tonight and update this post. 
  • head tank has to announce the bombs dropping.  /RW, vent, whatever, but announce it.
  • keep the head as your focus target so that you never miss a bomb bot cast.
  • bombs are always cast when the head flies up after being dragged down.
  • when the head is killed, it will usually spawn one final bomb bot.
  • clean up the adds, get in position for phase 4.

This is not a difficult phase compared to the others.  There is no damage that cannot be controlled, and there is no random burst of aoe damage anywhere.  Even the bomb bots, if missed, will probably not 1 shot anyone.  Assign people to their jobs, and do them right.  If you’re this far into Ulduar, it’s not because people in your group are sucking wind.


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