Blogroll Update

As promised, the blog roll was finally updated with some of the blogs that take up the most of my reading time.

There are plenty others you will find on every other blog (World of Matticus for instance) and that are extremely worthwhile reads.  I highly recommend you look through the blogrolls on any blog you find so that you can get yourself a clear idea of the major posters out there and to assemble a nifty collection of a lot of the WoW community’s writers.

Instead of giving you a summary of each blog I’ve linked to, why don’t you take a minute or two and glance over at each of these?  Maybe you’ll find something that strikes a chord within you and that will have you coming back!  All the blogs there are “regularly” updated.  This doesn’t mean the authors promise you a post per day (except Greedy Goblin), but you can rest assured that unless they post “goodbye, I’m outta here”, you will find fresh content for your reading pleasure spaced out at most by a few days.  In fact, of the blogs linked, I think mine is the most delinquent 😦  seeing as I’ve gone roughly 10 days without a post in May.  /blush

Some of them are newer, like Morgaina’s and Cardolan’s, so I can’t truly vouch for their continued updates, but I can hope.  I know them as players, they’re addicted through and through, and we know that the writing bug and an addiction to Azeroth rarely stay separate for very long.  In a similar vein, you will find that Ainara’s blog often retells similar events to mine… this is because she currently lives with me and we play together.   😛

If a blog goes more than 30 days without an update, I’ll remove it unless there’s a reason for it that I’m aware of.  I might, or might not, add others, but for now this should be a good selection for those lucky to work from home, to be at home, or to simply be bored and have a break at work. (cough, riiiight, a break…)


I added one more “new” blog, Wowfailure’s Blog, which has some of the cutest comics to come out of the Warcraft fanbase in the last few months. 

p.s.  my reader actually has roughly 50 blogs or so that I read regularly, and I jump from the reader into many unknown-to-me-as-of-yet blogs.  I’m considering listing them all in a separate page altogether, but for the sake of brevity only listed a few here that might or might not be linked elsewhere.  If anything, I hoped to showcase some of the less known blogs, with no slight intended to them.  I just mean they’re not yet at the subscriber level of blogs like Matticus with near 1000 people and many more outside visits.  If you would like your blog to be featured, just shoot me an email or a comment.


2 Responses to “Blogroll Update”

  1. 1 Tania June 2, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    I will definitely be checking some of those links out.

    And I’m pretty sure I recommended it to you before, as you’re also Canadian, but are absolutely hilarious little comics with Canadian “in-jokes,” I guess you could call them, about Canadian history. There’s also some philosophy jokes, literature, etc, but they’ve made me laugh out loud for real many times.

  2. 2 WoWfailure June 2, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    Woop! Thank you for the linkage! I need to figure out how to work that crazy blogroller thingy and I’ll add you on there too ASAP!

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