June bugs…

Those do exist, right? June bugs?

The desktop is going nuts.  Ainara was lagging weird every 4-6 minutes during the raids.  She’d keep control of her character, would be able to move, she’d spam her cast buttons, but nothing else would change on the screen.  Then, 3 seconds later, it would all roll in high speed and catch up to where she was now.  Sometimes 2-3 casts would have gone through in that span of time.

To remedy this, we bought a new wireless receiver.  Changed nothing.

We formatted the computer.  Reinstalled the bare necessities.  Changed nothing about the lag, but the computer is being weird.  We re-installed Ventrilo on Saturday and starting Sunday morning the computer would lock up.  Hard shut-down, reboot, nothing.  Then a weird noise like the fan is running but nothing else is.  Turned it off for a while, started it up, it was fine.  Then it froze when Windows loaded.  Finally got it going a few minutes later, hit a system restore to before the Vent installation.  It seemed to be fine at that point.  We went to bed, then at 4am I woke up because the monitor had turned on… the computer had initiated a system defrag at 3:30am, and despite it being 4am, the clock showed 3:32.  It had frozen again.

I don’t know what to do.  I did remove a whole load of the factory-installed software, maybe I removed something important?  Or maybe I should have installed WoW from scratch instead of backing it up and copying it back over?  Maybe for now I’ll try a system restore to immediately after format.  And go from there, again…


Got Vezax with the guild this week.  Raids are going much better since all hell nearly broke loose early in the week.  People are clearly making an effort to keep a good atmosphere going.  Yogg is doing his best to thwart those attempts.  I’m going on over 80 wipes, others who were there for the first night’s attempts (last week), are counting over 110 wipes.

We have phase 1 down pretty well.  Rarely do we mess it up.  Phase 2 is hit and miss.  We’ve seen phase 3 twice, and only once with more than 4 people alive.  In theory, we knew what to do, but we all just went AHHHHHH and died instead.

My laptop is hurting BAD on phase 2.  I drop to 1-2 fps and have a stop-motion video of the fight going.  Thankfully, I’ve done pretty well at anticipating things and have avoided enough damage that I feel I can still be a useful member of the raid.  If I felt otherwise, I would step out.


has not yet been nerfed, contrary to popular belief.  It is happening next mini-patch.  I’ve written up a few things on phase 3 and 4, but it’s harder to write something coherent since phase 3 I’ve only done as the tank (warlock tank, yes) and phase 4 has no tips other than : REPEAT ALL YOU’VE LEARNED IN PHASES 1, 2 AND 3!


1 Response to “June bugs…”

  1. 1 Anthony June 3, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    Copying WoW across from another computer or a backup harddrive shouldn’t cause problems. I’ve done it enough times between various computers and never had any issues arise because of it.

    My main advice would be to check you reinstalled all of the drivers you need, as well as making sure they’re all up to date. If you have discs that came with your PC, they should have everything vital on them to install after reformatting, so losing the factory installed software (mostly promotional junk, anyway) shouldn’t be an issue.

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