Mimiron Tips (10man!) – v.1.5, “The Rocket Strike Post”

All the Mimiron posts have been assembled into a sort of Official Guide that you can find at this post.

[5/27 update:
patch 3.1.3 will see a couple changes to Mimiron.  Very important is “The flight time of Rocket Strikes has been increased, and Rocket Strikes will try to prefer players at range.”  This means you will have more time to see the rocket strike zones and melee will be targetted less frequently.  HUGE changes as it will give every guild a much better chance of surviving.  I won’t be mean and call them nerfs, I’ll say Blizzard is facilitating the encounter to allow more people to progress past the Watchers.  (cough nerf cough)]


All right, I understand just about half the traffic on this blog as of the last two weeks has been here while looking for Mimiron tips.  While I have no idea if anything I’ve written in the first tips post was actually useful to anyone, I’ll keep putting in my personal advice in hopes that it does benefit at least one person.  People keep googling my blog looking for ways to see or avoid the rockets. Ok! Ask and ye shall receive!

Avoiding Mimiron’s Rockets in phase 2 and 4:

First, a beautiful picture.  Believe it or not,  I drew the rockets and the rocket strike zones myself.  Click for bigger picture.

Sadly NOT as visible in the game.  But it's the idea

Sadly NOT as visible in the game. But it's the idea

Some notes:

  • I’ve played this on a desktop that runs at 5 million FPS and never ever lags and has images as crisp as a high definition television. 
  • I’ve played this on a laptop that runs at 2-5 fps and I have to angle my camera straight down, Warcraft 2 style.
  • The rocket strike zone always glows red and is clearly outlined.  It is hectic during the fight, so I don’t pay attention to what it actually looks like, but I believe it is in the shape of a Demonic Circle or a rune of death, so a circle with pretty little sticking-out-edges like I drew. 
  • An area glows red.  And maybe a little orange.  But mostly red.
  • In phase 2, there is one rocket which equals one rocket strike zone.
  • In phase 4, there are two rocket strike zones per rocket strike.  Two rockets fly out = two zones.  Crazy!
  • Move the hell out. ASAP.  Forget the cast, forget the shot, forget taking a screenshot. MOVE. 
  • You cannotsurvive a rocket strike. (SS, guardian spirit, brez don’t count!)
  • If your guild is struggling to spot them, have everyone who can see them call them out on vent.  We do this.  You can hear the panic in our voices.  You also hear about 6 people out of 10 do it.  It works.  It gets the point across.
  • You can see the rocket zones on the ground, if you’re like me on a laptop and not even looking at the boss but straight down on your toon.
  • You can see the rocket strikes by seeing the rockets actually launch out from Mimiron.
  • This is a big list.

Things that will block you from seeing rocket strike zones:

  • melee on phase 4 will have a hard time if they don’t think about it.  Be extra vigilant and stand as far back as you physically can while still targeting him.  You will perhaps not see a full circle of death around you, but you’ll at least see a piece of a red glow.  GTFO if you do.
  • piles of corpses from the adds in phase 3 will hinder your view in phase 4. I’ve died to this.  The corpses covered up the entirety of the rocket strike zone and I noob’ed it up and went kerrrrsplat.  Don’t stand in the pile of corpses

Unconfirmed tip:

Please note the following tip is unconfirmed until I try it out on Thursday. 

  • Turning OFF your “projected textures” setting apparently makes the strike zones much more visible.

I don’t know.  I play with projected textures on at all times and I see the area around me and the glow quite well, even on the crappy laptop.  But I will try it out on Mimiron this week just to see.  If you try it, do remember to turn it back on afterward, it’s usually better to play with it on at all times.

Until next time,

don’t stand in the fire!


2 Responses to “Mimiron Tips (10man!) – v.1.5, “The Rocket Strike Post””

  1. 1 Kelsey May 26, 2009 at 11:03 am

    Our melee also said that the rockets fly off of him differently if they’re going stright for the melee. Since they can’t see the circles sometimes, they watch and see if the rockets fly off of his back straight up. If so, they run back. I’m not melee, though, so I don’t know from personal experience, since I’m watching circles on the ground instead.

  1. 1 Guide and Tips for Mimiron 10man – The Complete Edition « The Undercity Trackback on June 11, 2009 at 3:41 pm

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