Back in the swing of things!

Hoooookay, I r teh back!

Move is done, new connection is up (and it’s a messed up connection.  I have a desktop and laptop side by sideand I get completely different pings on my wireless, and my lag jumps from 58ms to 1500ms and back down sometimes.  I’m going to change routers first and see if that changes anything.  Also, the computers DC once every 5-6 hours, for a second, I can reconnect right away.  They don’t do this at the same time.  Only one drops connection, the other barrels on without a hitch. Wtf. Yes. Wtf.)

Immediate updates on guild progress:

  • It takes us two nights to clear “farm” content in Ulduar.  Our original 10man team rarely gets together anymore, we usually run with 2 or 3 new people. 
  • On the verge of attempting a few hard modes.  Maybe not the hardest of hard modes, but some at least.  Emblems of Conquest would be nice.  XT is the prime candidate, but IC, Hodir and Freya are close possibilities too.
  • Mimiron is as close to “farm status” as we can get him with new people every time.  The continuation of my guide to Mimiron will happen soon, I promise!  I realize I also have to revisit some of the things I’ve claimed about p1 and p2.
  • The guild downed Vezax while I was moving, so boo I missed it but booyaka that means they’ve found a strat that works!
  • Yogg has kicked our ass so hard we don’t know what hit us.  A very simple encounter by the looks of it in phase 1, we’ve only managed to get through it 3 times, and only once with everyone still alive.  We got to the first portals in phase 2 and then wiped when everyone inside went mad for taking too long to get out.

My druid has been stuck at level 64, but now with Morgaina making her way back (and her 70 Druid Hugsthetrees), I might try to squeeze some quality time on him so we can do Kara before she’s too high level. I just need 3.25 levels to be 68 and be able to step inside!  Of course, finding the time will be the tough part.  My nights are taken up with raids, and when we’re not raiding, I’m trying to make up lost golds. 

Also, raiding isn’t fun, as much as the progressing is fun.  The fun and fancy free wiping while learning Mimiron (50ish wipes) was replaced by assholish behaviour, by snide remarks, by tempers and by lash-outs at people who may have made a mistake or not.  This was not the type of raiding atmosphere most of us signed up for, and it’s definitely not the same kind of fun.  I don’t know what will happen, but it won’t keep up for long.  There was no reason for the mood to sour.  When a confrontation took place on Officer chat about it, the mood simply soured even more as everybody feigned ignorance of the problems, yet blamed everyone else and wanted confrontations.

I play to have fun, when the fun stops and it’s replaced by crap, I don’t stick around for long.  I’m hoping the mood clears in the next few days or raids, but it isn’t guaranteed.  I also know my guild reads this blog, but I’m certain I haven’t said anything that everyone hasn’t noticed.  We need to all get back to the fun raiding, and the entertainment of the raids.  We are not a hardcore progression guild, we are simply a guild that likes to raid without complete m&s (morons and slackers).  We split from our extremely social guild for that reason, because we were tired of carrying people through when they refused to not stand in the fire.

Somehow, since about 10 days ago, we lost the camaraderie and good vibe that we’ve had.  I know a lot of us are trying, prodding, poking, attempting little things that might bring the lighter mood back into the raids, and hopefully it will bring everyone back over to that line of thinking and approach.  Wipes aren’t fun, mistakes aren’t fun, but we are all friends who enjoy each other’s company.  I don’t understand why we’re at each other’s throats suddenly. 

If by any chance you’ve had experience with this kind of problem, do share thoughts on getting back on track, we’re all too good together to have anything mess it up, but the way the situation is practically deteriorating every “progression” night, I don’t know if something drastic won’t happen.  I believe we might already have at least temporarily lost a member, and we’ve lost one of our closest healers a couple weeks ago upon her return (as mentioned in a previous post here). 

Lost and confused about the atmosphere, but loving the instances and raids (makes sense? Yeah… kinda… not really.. but yes…)


2 Responses to “Back in the swing of things!”

  1. 1 Anthony May 25, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    If you’re consistently running with new people in the group, that’s possibly the cause of the tension. Nothing is more frustrating than wiping (repeatedly) on raid bosses that you feel you should be downing with ease, and some people aren’t very good at not lashing out when they start to get frustrated.

    As far as suggestions go, just be patient? Not that helpful I know, but things should get better as the new guys learn the content.

  2. 2 latusthegoat May 25, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    My main hope really is that once we clear that final Yogg hurdle, we’ll be over the tension that’s been building up out of an expectation of having Ulduar cleared asap, since we’re all very capable raiders.

    Hard modes will be a different kind of stumbling block, and we’ll be able to focus on getting some 25s going.

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