New digs, New gig?

A few months ago, my parents asked my sister and me to move back in with them as they were having trouble managing through the current crisis.  That move is finally done, and here I am living with my parents at 26. Yay. 😦

Yay, though, because the house they live in is really, really nice and it has a sauna.  And so much less dust than my apartment had.  I feel my nose unclog almost as soon as I step through their door!

Ironically, the day we finished moving is the day they encouraged me to apply to a new job with… dun dun dun… Blizzard! Booya check out this page, I’m sooo perfect for it.  It’s right near Paris*.  It requires Polish. French. English.  I’m practically a native speaker in all of those, aside from slight accents which are to be expected.  It’s concerning WoW and Starcraft.  Granted, I don’t know much about Starcraft, but I could learn.  It manages forums.  Helllooo I live on forums.

So right as I move in, I send off an email with my resume to Blizzard EU and hope to hell they respond kindly!

Let me tell you how much fun it was to write gaming information on a CV, though!  I loved it!  I named my character, some history, a previous game I played, forums I frequent, heck… I even brought up that I blog!  I’m actually excited about this possibility, which is more than I can say about most of the jobs I’ve applied to that were just to pass the time while earning money; it turns out History/Philosophy majors aren’t in great demand outside of teaching positions…  who knew!

*the job being in Paris is perfect for me because I ❤ Paris and would take any excuse I could to go live there.  As it is now, I’m in Toronto, Canada.  Buuuut I hold my Polish dual citizenship, so from all legal aspects I’m perfectly entitled to work in the EU.


1 Response to “New digs, New gig?”

  1. 1 Kelsey May 25, 2009 at 9:15 am

    Good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck!!!

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