This is the end my friend

It tolls for thee, it tolls for thee....

It tolls for thee, it tolls for thee....

Ainara is flying in today, so all of last night was spent cleaning to make her believe I am actually a somewhat tidy person.  Of course, she’s coming for 2 months, so the illusion will be near impossible to maintain!  The only “break” from the cleaning was Mimiron’s demise which took roughly 3 hours.  It felt soooo good at the end.  SO GOOD!

General Vezax wiped us twice before we called it for the night.  The second time we got to 89% or so and the fight felt much, much, much more manageable than Mimiron when we first tackled him.  I have a feeling I will change my mind once we get closer to 50-40% and everyone starts running out of mana.

what i love

trash before Vezax actually requiring CC.  Or at least making us believe it does.

what i love less

weird line of sight issues along the floor near Vezax when trying to hit hexxed targets.

what i hate

warlocks are relegated* to banishing mobs as CC.  Banishing is great, sure, but why can’t I succubus-seduce anyone? They’re humanoids!  Succy-seduce was always my favourite CC because it was so tough to pull off perfectly.  Let me do it! Rahhhh!  Fear is not viable in a room filled with mobs… and banish is so SSC…

*originally wrote “relinquished”, which made no sense.  Huzzah for writing at 4:15 am!


1 Response to “This is the end my friend”

  1. 1 Shaggir May 12, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Mimmy’s demise took 2 hours since we didn’t actually get our first pull in until 6:40. 😦 No more comp problems or blowing fuses. kk?

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