Mimiron Tips (10 man!)

All the Mimiron posts have been assembled into a sort of Official Guide in this post here.

A lot of the “traffic” to this blog appears to be from people searching for things related to the Mimiron fight.  (I say traffic in quotation marks because, well, 30-50 visits a day is hardly traffic, when most of it is the same 4 people).  I might as well oblige with some tips NOT rooted in hard, concrete numbers but rather in personal observation and experience.

As a preamble, we wiped over 40 times on Mimiron before we got him down with our group of 10.  This is not counting the attempts where I survived through a DI or through having the boss despawn on me as the group wiped, or the 10 or so wipes on the one night I couldn’t find a computer with a good connection. 

Lastly, this is from my point of view as kinda co-raid-leader, and more importantly from my point of view as a ranged dps in paper armor who puts out more threat than an American flag in Tehran.


We run with a caster heavy comp.  Sometimes we have a DK as DPS, otherwise it’s one of our tanks as the only melee dps on single-tank fights. 

  • 1 tank – prot pally
  • 3 healers – any combination of 3 out of shammie, priest, pally
  • 6 dps – 2 warlocks, 1 shaman, 1 priest, 1 mage, 1 off tank dps-spec druid

Phase 1

The room is split into three clear sections, and we pick one of them and spread ourselves out in a staggered manner.  Triangles, if you please.  We do this to avoid napalm blast thingies hitting more than just the one person.  We heal through the damage, so everyone stands in place and pew pews the whole phase.  Our melee runs in and out between aoe blasts, of course, while avoiding mines (lol melee!).

Phase 1 - blue dots representing where we all stand.  Melee range for tank and off-duty offtank behind him.

Phase 1 - blue dots representing where we all stand. Melee range for tank and off-duty offtank behind him.

 Healers reach everyone, everything works out well.  A rotation needs to be established for damage mitigation cooldowns to go off during the big tank-ending blows.  If all else fails, just spam heals like your life depends on it.. BECAUSE IT DOES OMG!  The DPS that is able to heal should also throw healing spells at the tank during that brief moment to ensure survival.

WARLOCK PRO TIP:  pets don’t get hit by mines.  Pets do get hit by napalm.  I use an imp most of the time, so I make sure to position him away from anyone and I tell him to nuke the boss.  With a couple points in the right talents, my dps goes up significantly if he’s part of the fight.  If he dies, no big deal, you have 30 seconds to lifetap and resummon a new pet before the next phase.

Phase 2

If you’ve ever wondered what it felt like to storm the beaches of Normandy in 1944, wonder no more!  Mimiron will now shoot the crap out of anything that is even thinking about standing in front of him.  He picks a target (without actually targetting them) and faces them.  He then fires from his guns and his bullets his a conal area in front of him.  To avoid taking too much raid damage, we maintain our staggerred triangle setup but spread it out a little more. 

If we’re lucky, we’ll manage to only get 1 or 2 people hit at the same time.  If we space ourselves out badly, we’ll have 3-4-5 people getting hit and that is usually a wipe.  The melee stands behind him at all times. 

Melee does it from behind, ranged spreads out just a little more.

Melee does it from behind, ranged spreads out just a little more.

When laser barrage hits, quickly gauge what is happening.  You are only occupying a third of the room, and his barrage will cover a third of the room.  Wherever he starts it, figure out where he will end it.  If need be, have everyone rotate their position.  Unless he’s facing our third of the room, we usually just have those who might get hit scamper and then quickly regain their positions once the barrage stops.

We blow all our cooldowns on this phase, as there is no point in spending even a second more than we have to in the massive machine gun barrage.


My imp rarely survives this phase.  I believe it is the direct gun fire that kills him most of the time.  I have seen my imp stand in a rocket strike and live twice.  I’ve yet to see him die in a rocket strike.  I have seen my imp stand under a laser barrage and live.  While I won’t claim to be 100% correct, but I will say that pets will avoid the non-direct damage from rocket strikes and from laser barrage, but that they will be hit by the direct, continuous gun-fire.  More testing required.  I just resummon my imp after the phase is over.


4 Responses to “Mimiron Tips (10 man!)”

  1. 1 Kelsey May 12, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    It’s also super useful that if you’re like me and your longest cooldown is about 3 minutes, you can use it in every phase becasue of the insanely long time in between phases where Mimiron blabbers on about nonsense.

  2. 2 Shaggir May 13, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    Your comment about Mimiron in phase 2 is hysterical. If you’re in front of him, expect to go from 100% to 10% in 6 seconds.

    It hurts.

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