Deep Inside Mimiron’s Lair

Phase 2 - Mimiron

Phase 2 - Mimiron

Raiding has always been a lot of fun; it’s why I play, in the end.  I really enjoy the effort that is required to succesfully down a boss.  The more challenging the better.  I attempted to write this blog live during our 10man raid on Ulduar’s Mimiron.  In fact, there was nothing but Mimiron attempts that time.  I forgot to keep documenting once my pizza arrived and my time in between pulls was spent inserting as much of my Hawaian slices into my mouth at one time as physically possible.

Slightly editted for glaring errors, here is a brief rundown of how a progression raid goes for an above average raiding guild.


First pull on Mimiron.  Failed at 50% of phase 1.  3 people are crowding around what is usually my spot beside the lolwell.  I had to move around a lot to find something that was more than 10 yards away from everyone.  Byebye lolwell.  I won’t stand near it next  time.

Second pull, we got to third phase in decent form, but around 20% the adds overwhelmed us.  The bomb bots are horrible.  I hit them with 2 crits in a row and they’re still going! 😦  We rezzed quickly and tried again, but people are arranging themselves badly for phase 2.  Standing together, 5 of them… I was getting hit by almost every machine gun shot towards my part of the room because other people inexplicably kept repositioning.  A triangle set-up would probably work best as long as we were certain only 2 or 3 of us were hit at most.  Our hunter also is changing spots every time in phase 1, so I keep rearranging there as well.  I don’t think our group fully understands why we’re spreading out in each individual phase 1 and 2.

Our hunter insists on picking a new spot every time we start the fight.  He forced me to reposition so the napalm blast didn’t hit him and I a while ago, and now on this most recent pull he ran to the other side where I had now taken up residence… I had to go back to my original one because it’s pointless to tell him midfight.  He’s the type of person who says “why” instead of doing it during the fight.  Then he pulled aggro.  Wipe.  I ask the hunter to stop going to a new spot every time, he counters with “once the fight starts I don’t move anymore.”

We got to phase 4 with 9 up.  Tank died about 25 seconds into it, so we wiped.  Not bad, I liked the improvement on phase 3.  Nobody was stupidly making others die on any of the aoe attacks.  So that was a great improvement.  Next attempt, hunter was busy putting down a mailbox and checking his mail.   That managed to throw off the entire group positioning, we wiped quickly.  A bitching on vent is met with “but i made it in the room on time!”.  Great.  Next attempt just a mess up on second plasma blast.

pizza arrived here, my live updating came to an end


We did not succeed in the end.  We managed to get all 3 parts to 10% on phase 4 but wiped.  That is our best attempt to this point. 

Our tank is having trouble finding a way to spot rocket strikes on him since Mimiron’s base completely covers him up and he can’t see the ground.  Our group is now counting on good rng, first of all, and if that doesn’t happen then we hope to call out who the rocket strikes are on… if we notice we don’t see any on the raid, then the tank better book it like Usain Bolt.

We finally got Razorscale and Ignis, and as cool as that is, Mimiron is my main focus right now.  I hate robots.


3 Responses to “Deep Inside Mimiron’s Lair”

  1. 1 Kelsey May 4, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    You forgot, “and our mage dies waaaaaaaay too much because she fails at phase 2 and rockets.”

    I don’t think I’ve died on phases 1, 3, or 4 when it wasn’t a wipe and I wasn’t being hit by a rocket (not counting when we were learning).

    Oh, well, no, I got 1-shot by a bomb that one time in 3.

  2. 2 Shaggir May 4, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    Rockets suck. Period.

    I watched a video on the net when they killed Mimmy. Their whole raid said “FUCK YOU ROBOT” at the end. I do not blame them.

    I love the fight regardless.

  3. 3 Mudo May 5, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    Best. Picture. Ever.

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