New guild? FFS!

Well, that’s the name of the guild.  <Eff Eff Ess>


My 10man group has branched off to form a new guild.  A few select dickheads in our old guild made the atmosphere less than enjoyable, and you can read a little more about the drama itself over at Shaggir’s blog, Playing With Myself .  (He’s the Shaman multiboxer and the name refers to precisely that.  And also to his other hobby.  But that’s for another kind of blog altogether!)

We’ve essentially created a guild for our raiding squad and a few extra people who like our company and/or who want to be in a guild with WoW players and not social folks despite not having much time to raid.  

This is great, it finally gives us the freedom to do as we wish with our raids and not worry about organizing events for people who don’t bother to show up, or who for the most part don’t care about those efforts.  We raid, we don’t worry about slackers since we make the rules, we have fun, we progress, we rock on!

The advantages of the split are pretty obvious overall, since our group was a static one.  Among them is the ability to really get a “raider’s guild vault” which will help us prepare and fund our progression raiding, a new vent server just for us, nobody to worry about outside of our group, and the power to recruit or dismiss anyone we feel like.  To someone who doesn’t raid, this probably all sounds pretty silly.  But to us, it means the world right now!  It is a bit akin to moving out of your parents’ basements and being on your own finally, with nothing to hold you back. 

There are drawbacks, naturally.  The main one is losing that huge social aspect of the game.  We will now be a small group, all playing within the same time frame to raid, and all focusing on our raiding.  Guild events like pvp groups or 5man dungeon runs will be a bit tougher.  There won’t be a pool of dozens, if not hundreds, of players around at any given moment to help out.  We’ll have 2 or 3 tanks, 3 or so healers… if they’re not around, we pug!  The purely social aspect was demonstrated even yesterday, when Ainara at some point said something on guild chat that was purely a comment about herself in RL.  Normally, out of the 20 or 30 people online, a small and jovial exchange of comments would have taken place.  In the new guild of raiders, however, with only 3 people online, guild chat remained silent.

Personally, I think we’ll love our guild, but some aspects will occasionally strike at us, like that moment last night.

Now let’s go back into Ulduar and not wipe for 3 hours before getting loot from a boss we downed last week!



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