German warfare in 1939 was revolutionary and devastating.  Their blitzkrieg (“lightning war”, kinda) essentially wanted to completely overwhelm an opponent by all means necessary.  Infantry struck with tank support while planes bombarded everything in the vicinity.  Quick flash war, opponents are dead or running away, and the Nazi war machine moves on to the next battle.  This worked well enough, they stormed through Europe in no time flat.  In the end, yeah, it didn’t work out so well for them but that’s not the point…

Last night I did some arenas with the super conventional and often used setup of Elemental Shaman and Mana-Battery Destruction Warlock.

We didn’t have very high hopes, having tried this same setup during season 5 and having gotten thoroughly and utterly owned.  I think we would go 1-9 on a regular basis and just give up and go back to fishing.  So lo and behold, there was no surprise at all when we got rofflestomped harder than Simba’s dad by the wildebeasts when we came upon the first team.  Our strategy (adaptable, naturally) was to work on controlling the DPS to give ourselves as much room as possible while focusing one target down.

Excellent, eh?  We died hard the first time.  We then popped into the Orgrimar arena where we were hunted down like prairie dogs as we complained about the setup and how I couldn’t even get a Demonic Circle on the lift.  Match started, I ran, got stunned, popped my trinket, stunned my opponents with Shadowfury, ran some more, dropped dead while the Shaman stood his ground a bit longer before biting the dust.

No surprise, fine, I was about to go make some coffee so that I could go back to a relaxing session of fishing in Wintergrasp (Rarrrrr carnage!). 

“Screw this, forget CC, let’s just blow the crap out of people.”

Hey my kind of strategy!  We queue and end up in the stupid Orgrimar arena again.  We’re planning to blow all cooldowns and bloodlust as soon as the match starts.  Opponents become targettable.  DK (I have no idea what spec) and Ret Paladin.  My partner is the one who calls out the target most of the time, and I get the call for “Pallie!”.  *tabtabtab, target is pink* bloodlust, trinket, immolate, conflagrate, chaos bolt, shadowfury catches both the Paladin and the DK, the Paladin does some new ability I had never seen before where he feigns death like a hunter.

Oh! No way! He’s dead!  It’s only been, like, 5 seconds from the start of the match!  Quick, tab tab DK, fear, 5 seconds later he’s dead too.

I stood in the arena long after this match was over.  I was screaming ROMA VICTOR!  Waving at the assembled masses.  ROMA VICTOR! 

We ended that day something like 29-27, with a rating around 900 and climbing fast.  CC became a secondary worry, pure massive burst damage became key.  This feels really, really good to be able to turn the tables on the burst teams that thoroughly owned me in season 5.

I felt the key that day, for my 50% contribution to the wins, was timing Shadowfury to go off at the right time.  The ability to insta-stun multiple targets is incredible.  I can simulatenously peel a dps off myself or my partner and  interrupt a healer who made the mistake of standing too close.  I can use it to allow my partner to heal himself while two rogues are chewing through his mail armor by giving him that 2 second window to cast.  I can use it to stop someone trying to run away.  It is absolutely brilliant.

The Succubus as my choice of pet was also very helpful.  Numerous times she has managed to listen to my orders and stop someone dead in their tracks.  CC, while much less of a concern in our new approach, is still crucial.  Alternating between fear, death coil, Shadowfury, seduce and banish allows me great flexibility in keeping someone out of the fight.  Deathcoil is actually reserved for one more insta-cast for that burst damage to kill someone or for emergency peeling off my partner, but all the others have been used and abused against Druids, Priests and Paladins.  (Shamans suck, they lol at all my attempts to do anything to them or their team).

Could this be like season 3 when I actually managed to have a respectable rating?  I hit the high 1800s back then, and while that is not stellar, it was out of the pack of average-good combattants in the 1500-1800 bracket.

Pew pew pew!


4 Responses to “Blitzkrieg!”

  1. 1 Shaggir April 27, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    Bang Bang. Dead.

    That is the method that seems to work the best. Screw the healer, kill the dps. 🙂

  2. 2 Kelsey April 27, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    “So lo and behold, there was no surprise at all when we got rofflestomped harder than Simba’s dad by the wildebeasts when we came upon the first team.”


    I’ve still yet to step into an arena. Considering how quickly I get owned in BGs (except WG because I have a team of Shaggs and a Latus with me for the most part), I think I should probably get some PvP gear before I even think about it anyway. 😀

  3. 3 Rim May 1, 2009 at 10:31 am

    I remember when I was almost good at the arena! I don’t think I’ve even joined a team since WotLK though.

  4. 4 latusthegoat May 1, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    This would be your style of arena combat, Rim!

    “Ok, Rim, you make like a bull and charge something and beat on it a LOT, blow all your cooldowns RIGHT AWAY!”

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