Sneaky nerfs

Ainara joined us in Ulduar last night.  I prepared her for it over the course of the day. 

  • “Flame Leviathan will be fun and easy.  You’ll probably shoot a gun at it.  Pew pew.”  
  • “Then XT, awesome awesome awesome.”  
  • “Trash from hell.”  
  • “Seriously, the nastiest trash I’ve seen in a while.”
  • “We wiped more on these two runed flame breathing guys than on any boss at this point.”
  • “I’m not kidding, they are nasty!”
  • “On our best clear of those two mobs, we lost our off tank.”

We got to that pull, explained over vent to stay away from everyone, that when runes appear on the ground we get a debuff that blows us up in 6 seconds causing damage to all around us…  and then we pulled… and then we looted.


The runes no longer automatically give you the debuff.  Also, they don’t hurt as much nor tic as fast. 

I had time to see the rune, scratch my ass, take a sip of my drink, look around, and then slowly move out of the rune and I didn’t take any damage and had no blow-uppy debuff.

Kinda sucks, to be honest.  I liked the trash of doom.


p.s.  love affair with jousting is over.  I got Champion, got a title, changed factions…  and now these double jousting dailies are just tedious at this point when the story doesn’t progress anywhere.  Defeating seven Valiants/Champions takes far too long when it’s 3 in the morning.  I still like the jousting, but could we get another step in this story?  A further path to the Black Knight?  I hope a quest reveals that we killed his squire who impersonated him, and not the real deal.  The real Black Knight was such a wuss.  He didn’t put up a single shield, like a complete noob at jousting.  And he dismounted and challenged me with his 12000 health and no real abilites except melee swing.  So he’s not only a murderer, he’s an idiot. Great.


4 Responses to “Sneaky nerfs”

  1. 1 Kelsey April 22, 2009 at 11:38 am

    I was so excited to come up against the trash mobs that owned so hard, and I was kind of disappointed.

  2. 2 Shaggir April 22, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    Let’s not make them sound TOO easy, they’re still rough to heal through; that said, they’re NO WHERE near as hard as they were before. I wish blizzard had changed them to a middle ground between old state/new state.

    Razorscale AND Ignis nerfed too Lat. And ALL of Ignis’ trash as well. This makes me sad.

    Kologarn tonight? RIGHT? RIGHT?

  3. 3 latusthegoat April 22, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    it’ll be about frickin’ time!

    It hurts because he’s not tough, we’re not wiping because we suck, we’re just not getting him down because we don’t have the right people on at the same time.

    I would also like to pwn Freya. And Thorim. And Hodir. TY.

  4. 4 Shaggir April 22, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    Crazy Cat Lady PLLLLSSSS.

    Then we can go hit Ignis/Razor/Iron Council before we do Mimmy.

    Because – yeah.

    I think we’ll need all the gear we can for that shithead.

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