Vehicle Raids 2.0?

As I rode around on my Alliance horse (that was weird, man, you’d think the horse would freak out at an Undead riding it!) killing Scourge, an oddly exciting (TO ME!) thought materialized.

What if Blizzard is getting us ready for a new novelty raid encounter via jousting? 

We were introduced to vehicle mechanics as we levelled in Northrend, and got solid experience on Malygos, in Occulus, in the Strand of the Ancients and in Wintergrasp.  It therefore came as no surprise that one of the fights in Ulduar was all about vehicles.   Choppers, siege engines, destroyers…  it’s a lot of fun to drive around in those and kill all those stupid mobs and then that stupid tank! Wooo!  But yeah, while most people complained originally, they got used to the notion and many enjoy it now.

Now we’re being introduced to jousting.  First fun stuff for mounts and pets and reputation, but we’re all venturing out of the tournament grounds and hitting actual mobs now and killing them. 

the Black Knight in RL! Oh my god!

the Black Knight in RL! Oh my god!

I would not be surprised in the least if a 5man dungeon was released with a novelty encounter where we fought on horseback.  Or, gasp!!!, if the Icecrown raid involved a fight against some Generals of the Scourge or something of the sort.

I can imagine the whining already…


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