Boom de Yada 3.1

I like gold.  I’m no Devlon, but I like my gold.  I sell things I earn while doing dailies and I occasionally buy really low priced greens and disenchant them for profit.  That’s the extent of my WoW-Business-Plan.  That being said, I hit upon two dailies I just can’t get myself to repeat, the two goblin dailies at the Argent tournament grounds.

Blowing up the big blocks was cool until I realized I was playing Taliban in Afghanistan and blowing up world heritage sites.  Well, kinda… you know what I mean.  This is the temple of the Titans and of the old Gods and I’m pillaging their stuff and putting dynamite all over.  I just dun like doing it! Ahhhh 😦

Still, I could get myself to repeat that one for pure enjoyment of setting bombs on the ground.  The other one, however, wowee, no way man.  Crystalsong Forest always looked unbelievably awesome!  The trees are gorgeous, those silver/white trees are out of this world (well, literally… duh!).  And now I get an axe and I chop down the saplings?  Nuuuuuu!  If I didn’t feel bad enough destroying that forest, the trees have one of the more elaborate animations to remind me I just plowed through them, and then angry tree spirits pop up around me screaming at me and wanting to eat me.

Did them both once, that’s it for me!  Unless of course they become required to build that arena, then I’ll be there blowing up trees and chopping down blocks!

"Only you can prevent forest fires!"  Wait... that's not it...

"Only you can prevent forest fires!" Wait... that's not it...


The Argent tournament dailies, on the other hand, induce little orgasms every time I see them.  So far I’ve been doing them with Ainara every day, and I wouldn’t be surprised if while flying in this conversation would ensue:

Latus: *point tournament grounds* It never gets old huh?
Ainara: Nope
Latus: It kinda makes you wanna… break into song…
Ainara: Yep

I love the lances
I love the jousting grounds
I love the new pets
I love all faction mounts!
I love the tournament
And all its sights and sounds
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada

I love the black knight
I love that whole quest line
I love his gryphon
I love how its so black
I love the tournament
and all its rp stuff!
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada

I love shield breaking
I love mount charging
I love the targets
I love melee’ing
I love the tournament
Its such a brilliant place
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada

Umm… yeah.  I like it.


2 Responses to “Boom de Yada 3.1”

  1. 2 Shaggir April 17, 2009 at 11:55 am

    You are a dork.

    We also killed a big tank, no big deal. Continue your jousting.

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