Patch 3.1 is here.  I’m downloading it right now.  Of course, it’ll be done and installed long before I get home from work, contributing nothing but dissastisfaction at my predicament of not being home.

Nonetheless, I do sit here so I can fund my lavish lifestyle (booze + food + wow.. totally lavish right).  Let’s be honest, what in the world can I be thinking about and researching right this moment if not the new patch… that’s right, nothing!

Immediate goals are as follow:

  • 10 stacks of glacial salmon
  • 5 stacks of wild magic potions (if at all possible!)
  • stack of frost wyrms
  • minimum 5 runed scarlet rubies
  • 5 stacks infinite dust, 1 stack shards, 1 stack greater planar essence
  • find the best possible spec that includes replenishment
  • implement it along with dual spec on both latus and cowtch
  • update all addons (UGH!)

Update as of 10:53 EST

  • DBM, Omen3, Recount and OmniCC are already updated.
  • PhanxChat is a broken mod according to all sources.
  • XPerl has not been updated.
  • I don’t know about TellMeWhen, which is the core of my WoW experience.  This is most unsettling…  this is the only dot timer I found that I could actually use properly, and it is so much more than a mere dot timer.  It can track all the buffs/debuffs on multiple targets, showing countdowns, showing who cast them, it can be used to trigger only on procs… and many many more things.  It is an absolute core of my raiding experience.  I will be utterly lost without it.
  • Auctioneer is bound to be updated, but I’m considering going without it and using Auction Lite or whatever it is called.
  • SexyMap is not yet officially updated, but there shouldn’t be a reason for it to be broken.



    6 Responses to “Ulduar”

    1. 1 Shaggir April 14, 2009 at 2:02 pm

      I’m going to have the joy of updating macros/buttons/keybinds x5. Joy. And I’m over work already… REALLY over work already.

      Sexymap will probably break btw, since they updated some functionality of the minimap per the patch notes. meh.

    2. 2 latusthegoat April 14, 2009 at 2:44 pm

      Damn! Well, one can still hope none of it affects the addon, but unlikely.

      Yeah, I’m ready to go home as well. I’ve accessed just about every site that isn’t blocked by my network here that deals with the patch and Ulduar.

      I’m glad they removed the wowmatrix thing from Curse and Wowinterface, means those sites will be just a bit less swamped and maybe respond to me more often than once an hour like in previous patch days.

    3. 3 Shaggir April 14, 2009 at 2:55 pm

      I’m dreading the addon updating. UGH.

      I’m going to start looking for an outside sales job, I really can’t deal with office politics anymore.

      You make me want to start a WoW blog.

      Oh – I’m in meetings/presentations all day so i’m sitting here typing slow and quietly so as to not draw attention to myself, while i write here and browsing mmo-champ and refresh it every 10 minutes.

    4. 4 latusthegoat April 14, 2009 at 3:23 pm

      Heh, that’s pretty much the same. I do what I have to and that’s about it. While I’m listening to people on the phone I’m scanning the latest news on wowfix.com and mmo-champ. I stay out of office politics by being a complete bitch to everyone equally, and for inexplicable reasons that makes most people love me. Ugh.

      I always get the urge to write about WoW when I can’t play it, so while I’m here at work. When I get home, I tend to ignore it. I’ve only picked it up lately because I found I was writing a lot of the same things to Kelsey directly… so wtf, I know there are tons of people equally bored during the workday, give them more of the same re-hashed material to read!

    5. 5 Anthony April 17, 2009 at 9:52 am

      The joy of not using macros is that I never have to worry about updating them (though having some would probably make my life easier). Most of my addons deal purely with UI customisation rather than anything relating directly to gameplay, and fortunately Prat and Sexymap were the only ones that 3.1 seemed to screw with (both of which I could have lived without if there weren’t updates available).

    6. 6 latusthegoat April 17, 2009 at 1:30 pm

      Sexymap is updated, yay!

      And shag’s complaining about macros because he multiboxes (up to) 5 Shamans. So his macros are a bit more essential to gameplay than ours 😀

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