How To: Thaddius

A quick how-to guide for Raging Spears on Coilfang.  It will probably be revised if I ever care enough to make it publishable to the public.

Thaddius is a dude made from the dead (sometimes still living) body parts and skin of children and women.  The fight starts and looks like this:


The green is GOO! NASTY GOO! IT HURTS!

I swear that’s what you screen will look like, if you could see it from this point of view.  So let’s go and explain what each part is and what it is for.


The raid will be split up into two groups, A1 and A2.  When you have been assigned, go to your side and wait at the start of the ramp leading to the next platform.  When the raid leader gives the signal to go, wait for the tank to lead the way and follow him (him, yes, we have no “her” tanks yet in the guild except Rimona and he’s not really a her…).  Both groups will now end up on the platform B1 and B2 (corresponding to groups A and A2, ASTOUNDING!) respectively.  The point here is that both the amish guys (look at the beard they have in-game) have a linked bloodline, related on their father’s side I believe.  They have to die together. If one dies and the other is still alive for more than 5 seconds, he will resurrect his amish bro and the fight will drag on and on.  Just listen to your raid leader over vent and he will tell you whether to slow down or speed up on your side.

When they die, both groups have to get onto platform C.  SO EASY!  BUT WAIT!  There is a gap between the platforms B1 and B2 and platform C.  You have to jump to make it.  Pick up a full head of steam and jump right on the edge.  If you miss (fail!), quickly turn around and swim back, wait for the order over vent to try again.  If you fail, well, keep doing that…  Just don’t jump on without knowing if it’s ok.  If you have slow fall, cast it on yourself, then just run off the platform, you’ll land on platform C.
Now the fun part!



Got it? Good, let’s move on to where you should be standing at the start.


From the moment you jump onto Platform C, there is about 10 seconds before Thaddius becomes targettable.  If you entered from Platform B1, go stand in the group of people on the left, NEGATIVE, side.  If you entered from platform B2, go stand on the right, POSITIVE, side.  The Shaggs are standing on the right side, far away from everyone, and casting their stupid overpowered chain lightnings.  From this point on, everyone except the Shaggs are heavily involved in movement on this fight.  If your name does not start with “Shaggir”, you will be excepted to move when you have to.  When do you have to move? Ah, let’s show you!


Thaddius will give every player in the raid a POSITIVE (+) or NEGATIVE (-) charge.  Your DBM addon will show it near your buffs.  A big plus or a big minus.  You have to stand in the big pile of people on the side that you match.  NEGATIVE CHARGES GO LEFT, POSITIVE CHARGES GO RIGHT.  At this point, you will get your first charge (Mudo will call it out over Vent).  LOOK AT IT, WATCH IT.  If you are standing on the side that matches, perfect, stand there and dps like crazy.  Make sure to stack on the group of people.  IF YOUR CHARGE (the buff shown as a plus or minus) IS NOT THE CORRECT ONE FOR YOUR SIDE, BOOK IT TO THE OTHER SIDE PRONTO!  DON’T FINISH YOUR CAST, DON’T ALT-TAB TO PAUSE THE PORN FLIC YOU’RE WATCHING, JUST MOVE MOVE MOVE AND STOP IN THE PILE OF PEOPLE ON THE OTHER SIDE.

Look at the left, NEGATIVE, side.  There is one guy with a minus (-) above his head.  He’s in the right spot.  He just stands there.  But his little buddy has a POSITIVE CHARGE (+), so he’s running like his life depends on it (BECAUSE IT DOES!) to get to the other side.  He was a warlock who was in the middle of casting a shadow bolt and only had 0.5 seconds left on it, but he just RAN and interrupted the cast.  If he did not, he would die!

Look at the right, POSITIVE, side.  Based on the last paragraph, you can make sense of it without me explaining it again.  The one with the negative (-) charge is running, the one with the correct, positive charge (+) is staying and dps’ing.

This change of charges happens every 30 seconds or so and is announced over Vent by Mudo (usually), but you can also see it because Thaddius will actually cast it.  So if you’re targetting him, you will see it happen.  When you do. Get ready.  LIVING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SQUEEZING IN THAT ONE LAST CAST!

After a few switches like this back and forth, the setup will usually look like this:


You see clearly that the groups keep on standing on their respective sides of Thaddius while the Shaggs keep on dpsing.  Now you also understand why the Shaggs stand there, because it would be far too difficult to move them in the alloted time, so they stand outside of the range of everyone else.

Why, though…  is a good question, and Irealize I didn’t say what happens if you cross charges.  If you stand within 10 yards of someone with a different charge from yours, you will take about 4500 damage from it every couple seconds.  Maybe even every second. I don’t know.  Now, if you are slow on the switch, or if you don’t switch at all when you should have, you will now be standing near 7-10 people with a different charge from yours.  Those people will each take 4500 damage.  You, on the other hand, will take 7-10 X 4500 damage (to simplify: you will die on the spot).

On the last picture, you can clearly see that Finwe did not make the switch in time, and someone who lagged also didn’t make it.  They took damage and died.

Finally, before 6 minutes elapse (and the boss enrages and eats everyone), you will kill him.  This will depend on everyone, or close to it, staying alive.  A final point about charges.  Standing near the wrong one means you will die.  Standing near the same charge as your own, however, will increase your damage by 10%.  So if everyone is alive, you should at all times be standing near people who have your buff, and get 10% more damage for every person there.  In a typical group, that will mean you will be doing 80-120% more damage.  You dying doesn’t only take away your DPS from the raid.  It takes that away AND lowers raid dps by 5% (yes, just trust me on the math).  IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU STAY ALIVE.

One very important final thing when you kill the boss, illustrated here:

The positive group, +, should quickly run to the group of Shaggs to try to kill as many as they can who might have a different charge.  This is a “bonus round”.


5 Responses to “How To: Thaddius”

  1. 1 Shaggir April 12, 2009 at 2:33 am

    Your 3rd drawing of “how this looks” is factually incorrect.

    We always have 4 dead at that point. Please correct this and issue a more realistic picture.

    You forgot to add in the dead lock with a demonic circle on top of me. Please add this as well.

  2. 2 latusthegoat April 12, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    I tried to be nice and not actually mock anyone CURRENTLY in the guild. 😦

  3. 3 Kelsey April 12, 2009 at 9:41 pm

    “On the last picture, you can clearly see that Finwe did not make the switch in time…” Lold. Actually, I lold through most of it. 🙂 Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to be one of those sad little dead stick figures in the middle last night.

  4. 4 Shaggir April 13, 2009 at 11:42 am

    Ah, I see.

    So the attempted mass slaughter of shamans… not mocking?

    I really hope I’m negative x4 and you’re positive the next time around.

  5. 5 latusthegoat April 13, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    Getting him down without any Warlocks surviving is the hard mode.

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