Glory of the Almost Raider

Once you go dead… you never get The Undying. We’ve had two attempts so far at this curse of an achievement. The first one ended on Grobbulus (2nd boss of the night), the second attempt ended halfway through on Heigan. Yours truly, Mr Nooblock, stayed below 130% of the tank’s threat. But above 110%… and was saving his soulshatter for a burst of damage that would bring him close to pulling aggro. Yeah, you can imagine what happened. We danced. He ran down. One shot me, moved to the tank. Later that night we lost someone to a disconnect + voidzone on KT, which made me feel better about the nooblock incident.

My group 8-manned Naxx last week, and the only problem proved to be Gluth. Everything else was spot on. We even got Spore Loser in the group of 8 (which we found really leet, like it should have been some double achievement, Hard Mode). In fact, aside from yet another unpreventable death on KT, Gluth was our only source of death (and good lord we were at it for a good hour on him). On KT, our offtank/healer Paladin got icetombed, lost health on 1 tic, and then KT did his frostbolt volley and it killed him. This was a span of about 1.3 seconds from the moment the paladin got tombed. No healer in the world could have topped him off in time. We later got 8 man Malygos, and laughed that we had him down to 58-60% when 2nd Vortex hit. If we add two DPS, we’re certain we can get 6 minute Malygos this weekend or next (when we do try it finally).

We repeated 8 man Sarth as well for 2 people who had missed our original attempt. I managed to get myself the Gonna Go achievement in that run at the cost of DPS (but yay at dodging all them meteors! Wooo!).

This means that I am missing the following for my sick, diseased proto-drake:

  • -Undying
  • -Sarth 3D
  • -6min Malygos

Undying is attainable. 6 minute Malygos is easily attainable. Sarth 3D? We have not have a serious attempt since the group screwed itself with RL problems (theft, breakdown, job), but our 8 man team had the no-portal drakes down in about 45-50 seconds. I think that gives us plenty of opportunity to handle 3D. We’re as organized and dedicated a group as we’ll find, I think. Just a matter of practice.

On the table this weekend we have Undying on Friday, and we had Sarth3D on Saturday but had to cancel due to Easter. We’ll have to get a few more people their Gonna Go! achievement instead.


2 Responses to “Glory of the Almost Raider”

  1. 1 Kelsey April 8, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    It all sounds so complicated!

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