A blood elf got her wings!

Kelsey hit 80 yesterday. 

20 minutes before she did, a healer, tank and dps from my 10man group asked if I wanted to do some heroics for fun.  They had no problem taking our new mage along, and waited patiently while I went and pewpewed her up to 80 asap!

Now, these are really awesome players.  Geared, extremely skilled at the game, and most of all very nice.  We started looking at Ainara (Kelsey’s Mage) as a project to gear up!  Not only was she, well, one of “our” significant others and thus automatically “part of the group” (so to say), but she’s nice and well liked.  We all know it’s her first time playing WoW, and despite that she has quite often helped out other guildies.  Someone who is pleasant, quick to learn and willing to help… will inevitably get the same treatment from others.

On her first foray into a heroic dungeon (and maybe 3rd or 4th into a dungeon at all), she got a taste of end-game content, but not so much of any kind of strategies.  We’re so overpowered at this point that every boss, even though we tried to explain the mechanics, came down to : “stand there and blow the crap out of him.”

Nonetheless.  She saw heroic Halls of Lightning, where Loken was nice enough to drop his pants for her!  Cheeky bastard…  he also gave her the blue belt he was wearing.  I guess it’s only fair since it was probably attached to the trousers.

A quick romp of heroic Culling of Stratholme rewarded our Paladin tank with his brand-spanking new drake (Ainara and I passed, and the other two had it), but no drops.  You’d think this place was filled with Scotsmen and not undead, stingy whores!

We ended the day with a valiant effort to bring order to the Violet Hold, on heroic of course, so that Dalaran could once again be safe and it’s citizens sleep safe and sound at night. No drops, again.  Didn’t expect any, since they are prisoners after all, why would they own anything of value… silly.

At the end of that thunderous entrance to the world of the big kids, Ainara came out with 3 regular/heroic dungeon achievements, 6 heroic boss achievements and 3 pieces of loot, one of them being her very first epic!  And the best part, we all died once except the tank.  That means we came out wayyy ahead in gold.

We spent the next 30 minutes with my guildies on our super secret channel (/party) talking about what gear we could get her and how we could help her, what spec, everything…   we were little girls playing with a new doll, essentially!  We can’t quite take her on our Undying attempts, but as soon as we get them, we’ll sub her in and get her all the tier 7 gear she can want.  Suggested she stay frost specced because it’s fun, simple and efficient.   Plus this way she’s comfortable with her abilities and spells instead of worrying what button to press… so she can focus on learning how to function as part of a raid and the fights themselves.

Current stats have her at 1250 spell power and 280 spell hit.  I made her the Hat of Wintry Doom, gemmed it up, and got her a belt buckle for a blue belt (yeah, why not…), along with a pair of Ebonweave gloves.  Once I save up some more ebonweave cloth I’ll get her the Ebonweave robe.

We’re all curious to see how she’ll do in a raid, adapting to a whole slew of new criteria that factor into her gameplay.  Going on one simple observation, where she moved out of a voidzone in a regular dungeon in Zul’drak, my guess is very well.


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