Raiding All-Stars

Wow, what a week!

Starting Sunday (Feb.22) and ending the following week (Feb.29), my 10 man group and my 25 guild group got the following achievements.  All guild firsts, and seeing as Coilfang is a horribad server, in many cases among the first 2-20* on the server:

-Malygos + Scion Achievement.
-Heroic Sarth+1 Drake
-Regular Sarth+1 Drake
-Heroic Military Quarter
-Heroic Construct Quarter (1 shotting Grobbulus on our first ever guild attempt)
-Heroic Sapphiron
-Heroic Kel’Thuzad (Yay Conqueror of Naxxramas!)
-4 hour full clear of regular Naxx netting us 4 new achievements (loosely quoting the actual names):
-4Horsemen at once
-Thaddius charges
-Sapphiron with no frost resist (100 Club)
-18 Aboms on Kel.

That’s 12 new raid achievements in a 7 day period.  I’m really shocked.  That was probably my best week of raiding EVER on WoW.  1 more Emblem of Valor and I would have had the 100 Emblems achievement, too!

The best part?  We downed Malygos twice.  First on Sunday, then repeated it on Friday with out 10man.  So it wasn’t fluke.  We’re slowly getting him to farm status.

The next best part?  We were very close on 2 drakes.  We would down Tenebron but the adds would overwhelm our healers, and not being in the best of moods overall, we called the attempts and just easily one-shot Sarth + 1.  Our next attempt is Friday with all 3 drakes, forget 2.  And Thursday is our next Undying attempt!

Eeeee exciting!


*the heroic achievements were probably in top 20 on the server.  We were slow on a slow realm.  The 10man achievements put us at the 2nd spot overall.  One guild has 10/11 Naxxramas achievements, we have 8.   Next two have 7.  It might just be 10man, but it’s still fun knowing we’re only the second guild on our entire realm to get the 4 Horsemen at the same time!  And will be the third to get the Undying.


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