The Un-Undying

The Undying was a fail. We had three deaths. The first on Grobbulus. Then it didn’t matter and we messed around on Heigan and Sapphiron and lost a life on each.


One of our Priests stood in a cloud and took 14k damage followed by our Mage deciding blowing up in the middle of the raid would help us get the achievement, thereby killing the Priest. One of the Shamans dipped to below 1% health but was brought back up quickly. Because of that we didn’t even notice the Priest had died until a few seconds later, and we almost wiped from the major let-down. Oh well, you say, and move on. We cleared up to Kel and called it a night. We wiped on purpose on Thaddius to try again for the achievement, which we got. We also got The Hundred Club! and And They Would All Go Down Together .  Spore Loser we lost out on because… well… the same Priest that died on Grobbulus decided to Holy Nova and killed a spore. We got Loatheb down without any of the buffs though. So we know we can do it for next time!  And I didn’t even lifetap myself to death! That was only the second time ever…

What we really learned from that night is that all the Naxxramas achievements are within our grasp.  We now look with desire upon Glory of the Raider knowing that the only roadblocks are Sarth + 3 and Malygos in 6 minutes or less.  Sarth + 3 is doable for our group.  We need the practice.  Nevermind we’ve never even done a single drake yet.  Malygos in 6… that sounds awfully hard.  Our group lacks the cc on the sparks.  😦


2 Responses to “The Un-Undying”

  1. 1 Tania March 6, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    I hate you, btw. 😮

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