The Undying PTR

My membership to the Totally Addicted club finally came in.  I copied my ‘lock to the PTR and installed the server.  Not to have fun, but to test out the specs and be ready when 3.1 hits.  That’s right.  Ey Dee Dee Eye See Tee Ee Dee. ADDICTED!

Initial test results, with 2/3 proper glyphs in very heavy Affliction, have me at 2950-3050 DPS.  After switching over to a very Destruction-heavy spec (with the new Dual Spec feature, I might add!), I realized a mistake in my Affliction build.  I forgot to spec up to Imp. Fel Armor in Demonology!  So my Affliction numbers should actually be a lot higher.  Nevertheless, my Destruction dps started off at a tiny 2100 and started climbing steadily once I got back into a good rotation.  I wasn’t glyphed at all for it, and I started breaking through the 2550 dps when the game crashed.  I didn’t boot it up again, had enough!

Things I learned:

-With 30% bonus to my fel armor, my affliction dps might have been much higher, in the 3100-3300 range.  I’ll have to respec and see.
-Dual Spec is AWESOME!!!  Yay one-click switching!
-People who buy up all the glyphs on the PTR’s AH to resell them are idiots.
-Correction: anyone who buys anything on the PTR and puts it up at a higher price is an idiot. It’s the PTR!
-A pure destruction spec wasn’t fun.  I can’t explain why, it just wasn’t fun to cast those spells.  Maybe if i had my Glyph of Conflagrate and Gylph of Chaos Bolt and Incinerate (and Imp.. I don’t know how to arrange all those! Ahh! And Immolate!!!).  But as it was, I didn’t enjoy it and I’ve always been destro except since a month ago.
-I think I can reach about 3300+ properly glyphed in destruction.  For those counting, that’s an estimated 3300+ in Affliction, 3300+ in Destruction… and only Demonology and a Demo/Destro hybrid remain to be tested.  Hmm, maybe an Aff/Demo hybrid too.

Main observation: The DPS tallies are really not changing that much.   I think I’ve noticed a boost in both specs so far.  The 30% crit rate buff to shadow bolts is really cool.  I’m converting over to preferring it to the live version of haste.


On the table tonight we have an attempt at The Undying.  For those not familiar, that’s killing all the bosses in 10man Naxxramas without anyone in the raid dying.  We’ve switched the group up.  2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.  We never brought 3 healers before.  This should be easy.  Past history shows deaths happen on these bosses in alphabetical order: Grobbulus.

Our group consists of the following regulars (in brackets indicates an occasional substitution).

Prot Warrior
Prot Paladin (doubles as a Holy Paladin)
Holy Priest (Resto Shaman)
Holy Priest
Affliction Warlock
Elemental Shaman
Elemental Shaman
Elemental Shaman
Elemental Shaman (Frost Mage)
Elemental Shaman (Arcane Mage / Unholy DK / Holy Priest)

Yes, we run with a multiboxer.  Not only can he dps at around 4k on his main toon, he hits 3k-4k with all of them.  And he can heal the raid when needed.  And he got the Safety Dance in one go.  And we do Grobbulus with him.  And the best part of it?  He also has a DK tank and subs out a Shaman for him and he and another Shaman multiboxer on our server with the same setup 2manned Naxx.  He’s a multiboxer on crack.  I believe he hit 2000 rating in season 3, when he was big into pvp.  He’s awesome.  And moody.  So always entertaining.

Running with a boxer is a blessing and a curse.  There are things it allows you to do you never could in any other fight.  You want a chain heal that pretty much gets the raid from 1 health to full?  Done.  You want focus fire in the way nobody is able to do, done.  You want super facilitated movement to avoid certain boss mechanics? Uhh, not so quickly done.  Grobbulus was a pita.  A really, really big one.  We had about 24 hours or more of wipes on him.  It taught him how to quickly shift through his toons, though, and it taught us all pretty much perfect poison cloud placement.  Now we’re good on it. BUT, sometimes, he loses a toon and simply abandons it to die instead of trying to recover.  Focus on the boss kill, not individuals.

Sapphiron is usually not a problem.  We stay close enough together that he can move all his Shamans behind the ice blocks easily.  Kel’Thuzad is easiest of all.  We hit our positioning that we now know by heart, and bam, game over.  Thaddius is sometimes a problem if we get the placement wrong and he can’t shift his toons out of harm’s way before they die.

And I’m a problem on Loatheb.  I life tap like an idiot.  I die.

So, those are the things to watch for.  But we’ve replaced a dps with an extra healer.  So we have 3 people keeping us alive, and I’m most likely going to wear my frost resist gear throughout the run so as to give myself 3000 more health.  That’s an extra hit or two from random damage dealing abilities.

I think we can do it.  We’ll start with Patch, then see if we get past Grobbulus and if Thaddius works out.  If that wing is clear… well… big gulp, shot of rum, and let’s keep plowing!  I’m excited just thinking ahead!


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