The 4 Horsemen For Dummies

(“For Dummies” = for a warlock tank and a 5 boxing elemental shaman as the only remaining DPS)

This isn’t the place to explain the fight.  Other people have done it much better than I ever could.  What I can offer is advice on tanking Blaumeux as a destruction Warlock.

Lady Blaumeux garding her robes courageously.

Lady Blaumeux garding her robes courageously.

First of all, forget dps.  Your job isn’t to burn down the boss.  You’re not going for the And They Would All Go Down Together at this point. You want to stay alive, tank the boss, and switch the boss you’re tanking.

Second of all, drain life proved to be incredibly bad at keeping myself alive. What proved great was not having to worry about staying alive. How? Summon your voidwalker. Let your blueberry attack each boss you’re tanking, place yourself within range of the healer tanking the other boss up there with you, and make sure you’re out of the 45 yard range of the the healer’s target so you don’t end up taking double marks. Then, just heal your blueberry. For style points, dot your tanking target up each time during a switch.

Only problem you will find is that your blueberry will take lots of damage in between switches as you’re not healing him then, and often your healer is too focused on the tanking to worry about healing your pet. Simple solution. Get yourself in position near your new tank target, then and only then hit ctrl-1 and order your blueberry to attack the new target. You will tank the 2-3k hits from the boss easily until your void gets in aggro range. If you see the demon low on health as he moves across (might hit void zones, for example), start mending him as he moves. It’s a 45 yard range. When he’s got aggro solidly established, heal yourself first by draining life, then top up your blueberry, voila.

Rinse, repeat, and if the other 8 members understand their jobs, open that chest and loot!


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