Understanding the shaft.

We got nailed.  Hard.  No, not you 8/8 T6 and Sunwell Warlocks.  That privileged bunch will somehow make do.  But the rest of us shmucks, those in tier 5, 4, those in Kara gear, those in Heroics gear, those in blues and greens… oh boy did we feel a nerf!

How we think of warlocks.  Dark, brooding, totally badass.

How we think of warlocks. Dark, brooding, totally badass.


Here is an unbiased, scientific analysis* of what has happened to Warlocks in PVE and why:
(*by that I mean based purely on personal observation of my character)
1 – our DPS dropped like a sack of bricks (and that’s pretty hard and fast)
–why? I don’t know.  Where I had 1250-1450 dps before the patch, that went the way of the dodo and I was lucky to break 1k after patch.
2 – our survivability dropped like a sack of feathers (dropped, just really not as noticeably).
–why?  It didn’t.  Give me a break you bunch of whining warlocks.  If you want to live, spec demo and pop demonform. You’ll live.  If you can’t live as a 30 second demon, you can’t live as anything else.  People crying about the sl/sl nerf really should’ve seen it coming.  You can’t be one of the top on one on classes for as long as we were without seeing our abilities downgraded.  Yes, I know changes to game mechanics made rogues and warriors slowly become the Destructorizors of Warlocks, but overall, one on one, a good Warlock should always have been able to beat any class, if both classes had full cooldowns.  Would you have preferred to be Shadow Priest or a Hunter in season 3 and 4?
—disclaimer:  tailored nets break demonform.  When that rogue blows all his cooldowns and is going for the killing shot, don’t /lol at him, trinket, healthstone, demonform and shadoweave net, because after those 2 seconds of net are up, you’re going to be surprised that you’re no longer a big fat tanky demon but your regular pansy self that takes 5 billion damage from daggers.

3 – everything will be better when we hit level 80 and the skills are equalized among all classes.
–why?  It was a good assumption originally, but when everyone in the beta assured us it was not the case… we hoped for a miracle.  We’re still waiting.
—disclaimer: it never happened. 80 came and went, and our dps still sucks. I upgraded gear to ilvl 174-200 gear, and still I’m doing about 1500 dps in the average heroic.  That’s barely above what I had in better than average gear at 70!

***disclaimer over disclaimer***   It is the way of the Warlock for us to be crappy on most trash in regular and heroic dungeons.  Whereas the melee will open up right away, you have to pace yourself.  Nothing is dumber than getting a critical hit for 8-10,000 damage and pulling aggro in the first 3 seconds of the fight.  So you wait.  By the time everyone’s already knocked off a lot of damage, you start thinking about casting.  Your DoTs, which waste your time, barely see half their duration gone before the mob dies.  So your essential defining characteristic, the DOT, is not allowed to make its full effect felt.  Of course your dps sucks there.  Bosses are all that matter, and again it depends on the boss.  One with lots of interrupts will royally mess you over.  Whereas the rogue will jump up from being knocked down and right away hack and slash his way to glory, you start casting.  3 seconds later, you get back on the damage board.

We have two options.  We can waste our time going over all the changes and tweaks that destroyed our DPS, or we can focus on how to work with what we have and still be competitive.

I chose the latter.

The big question that we have to ask ourselves now, with end-game making itself more and more prominent for all players and levelling falls to the most casual, is “How can we regain our DPS dominance?”  If you don’t like that question and are a more realistic person, you can go with “How can we retain enough DPS so as not to purely be Soulstone and Healthstone Providers?”

Good information for Wrath gearing is unavailable for now.  There are very few sites and reports as of now, so I’ve had to do most of my own research.  I’m not a hardcore raider, so some gear will forever be beyond me, and I refuse to accept that guides are only written for the hardcore.  With that in mind, I’m going through all regular and heroic dungeons, 10 man raids and pvp gear to find the best possible combinations to fit any playing style.

There.  My purpose has been announced.  Cower in fear. 

The reality of what warlocks are like now.

The reality of what warlocks are like now.


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